Ticktock, Lie to a Mother, Kill a Baby … Ticktock

Judie Brown
October 27, 2010
Reproduced with Permission

If you ever wondered what makes an abortion doctorfs brain tick, we may have come up with an answer that surprised even those of us who thought we knew!

In Colorado there is a knock-down, drag-out struggle going on between the forces for life and the forces for death. Into the center of this struggle stepped well-known Durango, Colorado, abortionist Richard Grossman. Grossman is a staff physician for a Catholic hospital in Durango. Even more egregious than this, he is a deceptive medicine man. In a commentary published in the local newspaper, Grossman wrote,

If Amendment 62 passes, it would make removing a diseased ovary illegal. Worse, a doctor who performs such a lifesaving surgery would be punished for murder.

Here is what the proposed Amendment 62 says: "Person defined. As used in sections 3, 6, and 25 of Article II of the state constitution, the term epersonf shall apply to every human being from the beginning of the biological development of that human being."

Anyone who graduated from an eighth grade health class knows that the start of the biological development is the human egg, and girls are born with all the eggs that their ovaries will ever contain. So removing an ovary - even if diseased - would mean the removal of thousands of "persons."

After getting over the shock of reading such contrived gobbledygook, Dianne Irving, Ph.D., who knows a thing or two about basic eighth grade biology, responded,

What Dr. Grossman has said about Amendment 62 is pathetic, and in no way should his absurd "view" be tolerated, especially by his professional associations. If Dr. Grossman does not know the difference between an "egg" and a newly reproduced single-cell human being/organism, one wonders how he ever passed his Med. boards. Such quackery should immediately be addressed and corrected publicly by his medical association and peers before such scientific falsehoods cause even more corrosion of the credibility of medical professionals.

Dr. Grossman is factually and scientifically incorrect to claim that Amendment 62 would result in doctors being punished for removing a diseased ovary. Neither the ovary nor the eggs within it are human beings. Further, an egg is an egg; a sperm is a sperm - these are just "cells" that are parts of one whole more mature human being. Neither a sperm nor an egg is a human being. Note that only "23" chromosomes from each are incorporated into a new human embryo, but that new human embryo now contains "46" chromosomes. Seems that Dr. Grossman canft even add. Once a sperm penetrates an egg, then a substantial change takes place resulting in a new human BEING, a single-cell ORGANISM, that produces specifically HUMAN proteins and enzymes (not sperm or egg proteins and enzymes!), and that continuously grows and develops into a more mature human being. If an egg or a sperm were implanted into a womanfs womb, there is absolutely no way that either could develop into a human being.

Dr. Grossman should stop playing "egg" politics-as-usual and worry more about his patientsf health, well-being, and the scientific accuracy of the information he is providing them. If he provides the same kind of false "information" to his patients who come to him for an abortion, then he has grossly deceived them and precluded them from giving truly legally valid informed consent before they sign those consent forms. Enough "egg" politics, Dr. Grossman.

And there you have it. Looking into the depths of an abortionistfs philosophical and scientific psyche, we see error and disregard for human persons born and preborn - not to mention a demented perspective on what it means to be a physician.

Ticktock. Letfs stop that clock. Abortion must end and, in Colorado, the time is now.