Babies on the Margins of Society

Judie Brown
October 26, 2021
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

The Diocese of San Bernardino recently conducted what some have called a " paganism in full bloom " event during what was supposed be the holy sacrifice of the Mass. The reason was that this particular Mass opened the conference addressing the "synodal path" - an introduction to the "Synod on Synodality . . . a global consultative process that Pope Francis initiated earlier this month to gather input from Catholics and others around the world about important issues confronting the Church."

For the Diocese of San Bernardino, the sixth largest diocese in the nation, the explanation for such an event might be that there are more indigenous people in this diocese than in any other. This is not a distinction that should excuse the changes made during Mass, but some used this fact to excuse the aberrations that occurred.

Pope Francis defined the synodal path events in a document, stating that "the purpose . . . is intended to inspire people to dream about the church we are called to be, to make people's hopes flourish, to stimulate trust, to bind up wounds, to weave new and deeper relationships, to learn from one another, to build bridges, to enlighten minds, warm hearts, and restore strength to our hands for our common mission."

In other words, the events that occurred during the San Bernardino Mass were nothing more than a means to inspire people to not understand the truth about why there is a holy sacrifice of the Mass, but rather to feel relieved and welcome. In fact, according to the Catholic World Repor t, during the San Bernardino Diocesan Mass, Bishop Alberto Rojas told the congregation that the synodal path is "an invitation to listen to and welcome 'all the people in the margins of society.'"

Once again, the babies are getting short shrift from not only the Church and her leader but from the people - especially those of indigenous groups - as well. After all, the true members dying at the margins of society are babies, and they are the ones who deserve to be saved from suffering the wounds of abortion.

One pro-abortion group reports that, though abortion rates are high among indigenous people, these people are often left out of abortion discussions. So once again, the pro-aborts have their fingers on the pulse of the problem while others seem less than interested.

To make the point, I defer to one commentator who wrote in the Navajo Times just last year:

Abortion is not a solution for Native women. It is part of the problem. It is another one of the lies that is told to keep our people traumatized and beaten down. I have worked with many women who have had abortions and that trauma only further injures their mental and physical health.

In my job, I meet many people at the lowest point of their lives and help them through deep pain. I have worked with many of the so called "unwanted children" who come from abusive or broken homes and I cannot imagine thinking that killing them was the solution. But that is precisely what abortion proposes: not to heal lives, but to eliminate them, to take from us our children, our future - as some have sought to take our past as well.

So if Pope Francis truly wants to help the people who live at the margins of society, he should address this tragedy that is befalling them, harming them even further, and causing untold pain. Therein lies the answer to ending the marginalization of indigenous peoples - and all people, for that matter.

Perhaps our Church leadership should think more about all minorities - including native Americans and their suffering - at the hands of abortion-minded elites. For example, in Washington, DC, an African American assistant police chief says that when she was a cadet, she was actually told that she should have an abortion or be fired !

This is not about a particular group of living citizens but about their suffering at the hands of baby killers. True salvation of the people at the margins of society begins and ends with the termination of acts that kill the innocent. Let us pray everyone sees this and ends the madness.