Grandma Death

Judie Brown
September 28, 2021
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

She has five children and nine grandchildren, but her real devotion is to the practice of killing babies before they are born. Who is this woman? Her name is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi , and her game is murder.

Oh, we know that many folks are turned off when we say that direct abortion is an act of murder , but really, what else would you call it? A human being is alive and growing within her mother one moment, and the next moment she is dead. Why? Because she is murdered.

In Pelosi's world, you must reject that fact and call it Women's Health Protection instead. Then you, along with your Democrat cronies, pass a bill that enshrines abortion into law from one end of the nation to the other. The pro-aborts call it protection for the right to access abortion care throughout the nation. We call it the right to murder members of the human family on demand.

Pelosi's archbishop, Salvatore Cordileone, called the law an action that amounts to "child sacrifice," and he called on Catholics to pray and fast for the defeat of the bill.

But Pelosi told the press : "The archbishop of the city, that area - San Francisco - and I had a disagreement about who should decide this. I believe that God has given us a free will to honor our responsibilities. . . . For us, [having a child] was a complete and total blessing, which we enjoy every day of our lives, but it's not our business how other people choose the size and timing of their family."

This woman, who claims to be Catholic, believes that in matters of life and death God's laws do not apply. And while it is true that every human being has the freedom to make bad or good decisions, it is equally true that someone who cherishes life and abides by her faith would never support killing babies.

Grandma Death's comments callously disregard truth, and she has convinced herself that abortion is not the act of killing people but rather a political and/or personal matter that has nothing to do with human beings, killing, or child safety prior to birth. Sadly, Grandma Death has been infected with the sin of pride.

And while her bishop is mouthing the right words , he - like so many of his fellow shepherds - seems stunned into inaction when it comes to simple acts such as denying Pelosi the body of Christ until she repents of her sin of supporting the act of aborting children. Statements without action invite the kind of disrespect that Grandma Death is showing toward her shepherd, but there is a far deeper problem here.

When it comes to abortion, Pelosi has allowed the will of the world to matter more than the laws of God.

Grandma Death tells the media that when the Supreme Court refused to undo the Texas abortion law, it brought shame on the court because its members "were embracing something which was counter to the precedent of the court that's upheld Roe v. Wade as constitutional." So, for her, aborting a child is a constitutional right that should not be limited in any way.

But St. Ignatius of Antioch taught a lesson almost 2,000 years ago that Grandma Death needs to learn. This wise saint wrote :

Seeing, then, all things have an end, and there is set before us life upon our observance [of God's precepts], but death as the result of disobedience, and every one, according to the choice he makes, shall go to his own place, let us flee from death, and make choice of life. For I remark, that two different characters are found among men - the one true coin, the other spurious. The truly devout man is the right kind of coin, stamped by God Himself. The ungodly man, again, is false coin, unlawful, spurious, counterfeit, wrought not by God, but by the devil.

Grandma Death has cast her lot as a false coin. Let us pray for her conversion.