Moral Absolutes and Biden

Judie Brown
August 24, 2021
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

Sham-Catholic president of the United States Joe Biden is a total failure. In terms of the natural law he is a moral pygmy, but he was helped along the road by Catholic bishops. And whether by accident or on purpose, what they have permitted is more outrageous than what Biden himself has done.

Dating back to the early 1980s there have been bishops from the Diocese of Wilmington, Delaware, who have turned a blind eye to Biden's support of abortion, homosexual marriages, and other moral evils . In fact, I recall pro-life giant and my dearly departed friend Dee Becker of Wilmington telling me time and time again that she could not convince her bishop to lift a finger to even scold Biden for his pro-death record.

Furthermore, in 2019 when Fr. Robert Morey of South Carolina did deny Biden Communion, Francis Malooly, Biden's bishop at the time, responded to Fr. Morey's action by saying he would not "politicize" the Eucharist; he would not deny the sacrament to pro-abortion Biden.

Add to this the large number of Catholic prelates who have made it publicly known that when it comes to Biden there is nothing they will do to instruct him on the error of his ways, including denying him the holiest of Catholic sacraments - the body and blood of Christ.

Among them we find Cardinal Blase Cupich, the same prelate who recently instructed his priests in the Archdiocese of Chicago that they may not honor requests for religious exemptions to the COVID vaccine! He says there is no basis in Catholic moral teaching for such questions, but he has also publicly criticized USCCB president Archbishop Jose Gomez for condemning Biden on his pro-abortion position.

And of course Biden has been defended by Cardinal Wilton Gregory and others who prefer not to deny the Eucharist to Biden. So when you wonder why Biden is so confused about what the moral absolutes are and why they are important, you need look no further than many of the Catholic bishops of the United States.

Biden, then senator and ever the lawyer, said during the 1991 Senate confirmation hearings on now Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, that in his arrogant opinion applying natural law to the Constitution was unacceptable.

Secular newspapers such as the Washington Post concurred with Biden, reporting that "Judge Thomas has said that 'the thesis of natural law is that human nature provides the key to how men ought to live their lives' - suggesting that natural law dictates morality to us, instead of leaving matters to individual choice."

Prideful statements like this have been offered time and time again to defend the misguided actions of people like Biden who would not know a moral absolute if it hit him in the face. As we know, when individual choice is preferred, moral absolutes must be rejected.

But many intelligent individuals - like Professor Dianne Irving - are not steeped in political gobbledygook. Irving writes : "Natural law ethical theory aids us in understanding which human actions are morally right or wrong through the aid of human reason alone - without the use of Divine Revelation or the teachings of the Magisterium. It has been studied and refined over the centuries as a means of addressing what is the morally right thing for us to do when faced with genuine moral dilemmas. It is not some new, brash, untried or unscrutinized moral theory."

In other words, natural law theory is knowable by human reason and yet can be and is rejected by the likes of Joe Biden. Why is that?

Well, as we know, moral absolutes do not change. Dr. Samuel Gregg, an expert in natural law theory, wrote an entire article on moral absolutes in which he pointed out the obvious: A moral absolute means "that there are intrinsically evil acts which admit of no exception whatsoever."

And there's the rub. For folks like Biden, Cupich, and others, the idea of adhering to moral principles that admit to no exception is just unthinkable.

And so the body of Christ will continue to be insulted. The babies will continue to die. The innocent will continue to be tossed aside, and all in the name of the "greater good."


That is why we must remember this :

Without the negative moral absolutes, however, we can have no sure knowledge of evil, when we have chosen it, and how it imperils our salvation. Considered in these terms, the moral absolutes are far from being a burden. Instead they are a tangible sign of God's love for us. To forget that in the name of being merciful would be folly itself.

So let us pray for President Biden and all those who flirt with eternal suffering by ignoring the moral absolutes. God " desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth." That truth, of course, is Christ Jesus.