Reimagined Human Rights

Judie Brown
September 25, 2020
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

In the C.S. Lewis classic The Screwtape Letters , senior demon Screwtape writes to his novice demon (and nephew) Wormwood: "Indeed the safest road to hell is the gradual one - the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts."

One might say that Screwtape's work in our society of late has adhered to every one of those guidelines given to Wormwood. In paving the way to hell for the unsuspecting, Screwtape has employed many willing minions - blind guides who adore the idea of paving that road with nebulous words like " reimagined ," " constitutional rights ," and " choice ." All stones on that road to hell.

And frankly, since we no longer legally protect children prior to birth, why would anyone expect that we would need police in our neighborhoods and cities to protect us and our families? So we hear talk about reimagining police .

Some have said that "conservative justices on the Court may begin fully reimagining abortion jurisprudence." In other words, the legal status of abortion could be in jeopardy or perhaps simply reimagined to suit someone else's agenda. Clearly all of this is fluid and subject to change on that road to hell.

When even publicly embracing one's faith with sincerity has become anathema to our reimagined worldview of what religious freedom means, anything goes.

What better example of this double standard for people of faith could there be than that pro-abortion fake Catholic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who violated California's rules against churches being open by touting her attendance at Mass and reception of Communion?

In other words, reimagined Catholicism gets the nod, but sincerity is met with derision.

Furthermore, in response to the growing effort to end the lives of those who are comatose or perhaps unresponsive due to induced coma, the Vatican found it necessary to issue a document calling Catholics to Christ's invitation to be good Samaritans. The Vatican reminded us that "the Church is convinced of the necessity to reaffirm as definitive teaching that euthanasia is a crime against human life because, in this act, one chooses directly to cause the death of another innocent human being. . . . The moral evaluation of euthanasia, and its consequences does not depend on a balance of principles that the situation and the pain of the patient could, according to some, justify the termination of the sick person."

Clearly that gentle slope to hell is crowded with folks who are very busy convincing concerned family members that their loved ones are better off dead! That is what reimagining healthcare looks like when Screwtape's minions are addressing the aging and the seriously ill.

Finally, we reference the scientists at the University of New Mexico who made repeated requests for aborted baby body parts, which we suppose they deemed necessary for their work. As macabre as this is, the report makes clear: "New Mexico is one of just seven states allowing abortion at any gestational age, making it somewhat of a destination for late-term abortion. This also leads to potential opportunities for the symbiotic relationship between UNM and the abortion industry to flourish."

Is it any wonder that Gregory Aymond, archbishop of New Orleans, recently taught his flock that, when choosing how to cast a vote, one must never forget the "preeminent requirement to protect human life."

In keeping with this focus to concentrate our efforts on the laws of God and reject those who wish to reimagine human rights by condoning the direct killing of human beings, we are very proud to have joined in an Open Letter to the Catholic Bishops of America . Entitled "Abortion Remains Our Preeminent Priority," the letter simply states what we all believe and know to be true, namely that the protection of innocent human beings is vital. This is not rocket science, but simple truth.

Nobody needs to reimagine human rights. Rather, we must defend the innocent human person from his biological beginning until his death. This is what God expects; this is precisely what infuriates Screwtape and his minions.