Human Personhood Exposes the Culture War Farce

Judie Brown
September 27, 2010
Reproduced with Permission

The term "culture war" is defined by Wikipedia as a metaphor used to describe political conflict based on opposing values. However the current conflict in Colorado has shed light on a problem that is far more serious than a simple political disagreement over values. What we have seen in the debate regarding Amendment 62 is a massive abyss between those who understand the existence and integrity of the human being and those who deny that all human beings have equal value. Such a divergence cannot be defined as a value discrepancy or culture war, but rather a contradiction in world views that is as fundamental to the survival of the human race as is one's ability to breathe.

Lest you fear that my perspective on this borders on insanity, bear with me for a moment. Words are always bandied about when politics separates people into two or more camps. Such debate is usually healthy for the growth and understanding of civil society; however, there are times when specific disagreements can only by defined as farcical because one side adheres to facts while the other specializes in fictitious ideology.

The example that comes to mind occurred during a public discussion between proponents and opponents of Amendment 62. During the televised conversation that was recorded at this rally, the amendment's opponent, Fofi Mendez, told viewers, "What Amendment 62 is doing is giving constitutional and legal rights to a woman's fertilized egg, and by doing so, not only are you creating far reaching consequences for families in the state of Colorado, you are also impacting literally thousands of laws."

This statement contains an error that reflects the chasm in perspective that should concern every man, woman and child in this nation. By using the term "fertilized egg" to describe a human being, Mendez is intentionally denying that the preborn person exists - insulting the dignity of the preborn person - and is verbally relegating that individual to nothing more than a product of a woman's reproductive organs.

When one is dealing with human procreation, it is a known, scientific fact that "fertilization results in the formation of a new genetically unique living single-cell human organism, a human embryo or human being at the single-cell stage."

So why does Mendez use a term that is erroneous? Could it be that she simply does not know the facts? Of course not! Mendez carefully chose her words to deny that the woman to whom she refers is actually an expectant mother carrying a child. She further attempts to instill fear in the uninformed public so that people will vote her way - the way of death. This is typical of those who advocate abortion killing. When logic cannot be used to debate a pro-personhood advocate, hyperbolic deception is always the pro-abort's first choice. Never mind that what Mendez says is incorrect; her dishonesty is part of the charade pro-aborts play with the minds of voters time after time.

But this time Mendez met her match in Personhood Colorado's spokesman, Keith Mason, who immediately responded, "I think it's important to note with the term fertilized egg, that's the same thing as using the N word for an African American. ... Because it's a dehumanizing term and it's not based in science. The term would be a zygote, or an embryo, speaking of a unique individual."

And that's exactly what people who think like Mendez do not understand. There is a unique life growing inside of a woman when she is pregnant. They give it other names to assuage guilt, fear or even ignorance. But that doesn't change the fact that it is a unique life - a unique person. This mode of thinking is at the root of nearly every historical atrocity where oppression exists. This is why the Colorado struggle is vital to not only Colorado voters but to the nation.

To relegate such a fundamental moral disparity in world views to the realm of a "culture war" is indeed farcical. The absurdity of it would be laughable if the consequences were not deadly - deadly not only to human persons but to the very essence, the souls, of those who buy the lie.

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