Planned Parenthood Deals in Filthy Lucre

Judie Brown
July 28, 2017
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

In light of the United States Senate's latest back and forth on defunding Planned Parenthood, it's important to understand the dollar web that sustains this giant death machine. Planned Parenthood has tentacles everywhere, and the money stream is ominous.

While 40 percent of PP's $1.3 billion budget comes from taxpayers, the truth is that even if the federal government were to cut off ALL federal dollars , we would still have to combat the fact that individual states fund Planned Parenthood's services and that PP receives nearly $400 million in private donations.

Combatting this behemoth may seem overwhelming - like David fighting Goliath - but it can be done, and it has been done. As research from our own Stop Planned Parenthood International shows, the number of PP clinics has dropped from 938 to 626 over the last 30 years! This is due in large part NOT to government activity or defunding, but to hardworking grassroots volunteers who will not stand for Planned Parenthood's filthy lucre being spent on poisoning the minds of their children and killing their grandchildren.

There are countless reasons why Americans do not want their families - especially their children - victimized by Planned Parenthood's programs and its promotion of contraception and abortion. Furthermore, increasing numbers of people have learned, thanks to outstanding reporting and investigation , that Planned Parenthood has even gone so far as to aid and abet child sex trafficking. And who else but Planned Parenthood would spread the message among young children that a child's gender identity is not determined by the way he or she looks? Who really wants a 3-year-old child to hear this biologically erroneous claptrap? And these examples are only the tip of the iceberg!

We must understand that Planned Parenthood's filthy lucre comes from many sources, including those collaborating with the death peddlers by offering financial support that enables them to keep an arm's length in public! Hypocrisy? Of course, but that is the way of the world. Take, for example, billionaires like Bill and Melinda Gates and George Soros. As Breitbart recently reported : "Though Gates said her foundation will only fund contraception and sex education, and not abortion, LifeNews reports , 'But the money also will indirectly fund abortions, too. The billionaire family already gives money to some of the largest abortion chains in the world, including Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes International.'" And when PP found itself in hot water for the sale of baby body parts, George Soros was there to lend a hand. He gave the organization more than a million dollars to "cover up" its involvement in the sale of baby body parts!

Filthy lucre pours into all the nooks and crannies of Planned Parenthood's bloody business, but truth is making a difference. And so can you.

Find out how families and neighborhoods are battling to get rid of Planned Parenthood.

Learn how to teach your children the truths that help us better serve the Lord and avoid the evils permeating this culture because of Planned Parenthood and its allies.

Suggest that your teens and college-age children join a youth effort that is making a difference in lives and in communities.

Through ALL's programs - STOPP , CLSP , and Life Defenders - you can learn the truth and educate your friends and family. Once you have these tools, you can become one of the warriors who will one day revel in the fact that you took part in the ruin of the nation's largest abortion chain.