Planned Parenthood's Clandestine Activities

Judie Brown
July 18, 2017
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

Planned Parenthood will stoop to any level required to make money, whether the focus is on the free market or on access to government dollars - meaning your tax dollars and mine.

ALL just unveiled and delivered to Congress a new report that raises questions about Planned Parenthood's business practices. To wit, its privately-owned company called Afaxys .

Afaxys, short for affordable access, describes itself as a for-profit entity that "was founded as a first-of-its-kind healthcare company in 2008 to ensure that the public health sector had reliable access to affordable, quality, FDA-approved products and services they need to care for their patients." Its product line includes "a wide spectrum of oral and emergency contraceptives."

What makes this latest discovery unique? Jim Sedlak explains :

Afaxys was established in large part by Planned Parenthood personnel, and the seed money was obtained in large part by investments in Afaxys by Planned Parenthood affiliates across the country. Although Afaxys will undoubtedly claim that it is a separate company and not part of Planned Parenthood, our report shows all the connections and even cites a Planned Parenthood affiliate as describing Afaxys as "a Planned Parenthood affiliated company."

Beginning in 2008, Afaxys began operating a group purchasing organization. The purpose of this GPO was to sign on clinics and centers (including Planned Parenthood facilities) as "partners" and to negotiate reduced prices for birth control products from the manufacturers. In 2013 Afaxys announced a new division, Afaxys Pharmaceuticals, which has become a manufacturer of generic birth control products.

With this, Planned Parenthood and its "affiliated company" now have their tentacles into every step of the birth control supply chain.

When this revelation first came to light, what stunned me about this is that Planned Parenthood's corporate stealth is really no match to its masterful program of disinformation. Recall that Planned Parenthood has said repeatedly that it offers a full range of services, including prenatal care to women. Yet Live Action investigations have shown that 92 of 97 Planned Parenthood clinics scrutinized do not offer prenatal care to women. Rather, they send these expectant mothers away.

Planned Parenthood claims that if its funding is cut, women will suffer. And, sadly, the culture-of-death mainstream media backs up that false claim. The Washington Post editorial board recently proclaimed that "Planned Parenthood offers high-quality health care, including birth-control services and cancer screenings, to more than 2.4 million Americans at 650 affiliated health centers every year."

Yet the hype disingenuously sets forth an argument that is fraught with error, beginning with the fact that Planned Parenthood and its shadow company Afaxys are in it to win it - the money that is.

Planned Parenthood is not committed to "high-quality" healthcare, for if it were, it would never offer young women the means to pollute their bodies with birth control chemicals and kill their children when those same women are pregnant and in need of care. Former Planned Parenthood employee Abby Johnson wrote that Planned Parenthood has found other ways to increase revenue at the expense of women's safety. It now practices online "telemedicine," in which abortion consultations are done without a doctor physically in the room.

Obviously Planned Parenthood has a thirst for money and power that is so great that babies and women die because of it. And as for Afaxys, when the Daily Caller did a story on it, Planned Parenthood refused to comment.

Surprise, surprise!

The devil is always in the details. So, let's make sure that our friends, colleagues, students , teachers, and everyone we communicate with - including our elected officials - understand the facts, not the fiction, about the clandestine evil empire of Planned Parenthood.

And pray always recalling these words of Pope Benedict XVI: "In union with the only-begotten Son, may all people learn to pray to the Father and to ask him, in the words that Jesus himself taught us, for the grace to glorify him by living according to his will, to receive the daily bread that we need, to be understanding and generous towards our debtors, not to be tempted beyond our limits, and to be delivered from evil (cf. Mt 6:9-13)."