Planned Parenthood: A Vile Rot

Judie Brown
May 26, 2017
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

It came as no surprise to Stop Planned Parenthood International founder Jim Sedlak that Planned Parenthood closed 10 clinics in four states in a span of less than one week!

In fact, even school systems like this one in Saline, Michigan , are finding that they can live without Planned Parenthood sex education.

And to top it all off, the current proposed budget from President Trump's staff bars all Planned Parenthood funding across the span of federal programs. We can only hope that this ban remains after the politicians get involved, as we all know that Planned Parenthood has numerous supporters among elected officials in both parties.

Women who support Planned Parenthood argue that their healthcare will all but disappear if Planned Parenthood loses funding. Among other assertions, these women claim that "Planned Parenthood saves lives" and "Trans" women depend on Planned Parenthood.

But wait a minute! Something is fundamentally wrong with this picture, as Life Defenders' director Emily Brown skillfully points out in her latest video. Entitled Planned Parenthood's Big Dumb Little Movie , this video enlightens viewers on three aspects of Planned Parenthood's efforts that we already understand very well: It markets propaganda, it kills people, and its products harm women.

In addition to that, there is the documented fact that Planned Parenthood abortion practitioners have caused the death of patients, harm women , and have been caught selling aborted baby body parts. It's all on film!

So what's the problem?

Those who favor killing the preborn and chemically assaulting the bodies of women under the guise of providing birth control chemicals will argue that, without Planned Parenthood, poor women will be cut off from the services they need. This couldn't be further from the truth. In addition, I have a few things to say about the real definition of healthcare.

Many years ago, before medicine was a business that put profits before patient care, there used to be a thing called ethics. Men and women who practice medicine took an oath - the Hippocratic Oath. In an early version, they vowed : "I will use treatment to help the sick according to my ability and judgment, but never with a view to injury and wrong-doing. Neither will I administer a poison to anybody when asked to do so, nor will I suggest such a course. Similarly I will not give to a woman a pessary to cause abortion." What has happened to this mentality? In modern medical centers of education where men and women earn their medical degrees, one can safely say that this oath is irrelevant. And we can be certain that this suits Planned Parenthood just fine.

If this were not the case, Planned Parenthood would tell the truth about the fact that nearly all birth control pills can kill babies before they have had a chance to implant in their mother's womb. Planned Parenthood would tell its prospective patients that if they choose to abort their child, that child will be killed and his mother will be the mother of a dead baby.

Yes, Planned Parenthood would be very busy being honest, but instead it has chosen the fiscal path, the convenient path, and the evil path. Perhaps it will finally have to confront its huge problem: Propaganda is not enough and Planned Parenthood is finally beginning to decay from within.

For me, that moment cannot come soon enough, but we must not sit idly and wait for it. We must work hard to educate our fellow Americans, to tell the truth everywhere and anywhere, and to push elected officials to be honest and to stop subsidizing the murder of innocent children with our tax dollars.

If we do that, Planned Parenthood's big problem will become insurmountable, and it will finally decay under the weight of its own vile rot.