Is Murder Right or Wrong?

Judie Brown
May 19, 2017
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

A recent research study found that whether something is right or wrong is a matter of opinion, especially if you happen to be 35 years of age or younger. The idea that something is always wrong or always right does not apply in this era of moral relativism.

At the crossroads of semantics and reality even an act as cruel as aborting an innocent child can be a simple question of opinion. For instance, at the Southwestern Women's Options abortion clinic in Albuquerque, an undercover investigation revealed a perhaps not uncommon practice at abortion mills. While the fact that abortions are performed on babies at the 30th week of gestational age may sound too gruesome to be true, it is. According to one report, a clinic worker explained that at 30 weeks the abortionist does what is called a "termination by induction." The clinic employee explained: "We will take a day or two to soften and dilate the cervix, and then we will induce labor. So you will be going through the act of labor and delivery of a stillborn fetus. We will euthanize the fetus on the first day."

Yes. In plain English, and without blinking an eye, an abortion clinic worker talks about euthanizing (killing) a baby before he is delivered.

So, given this fact alone, we are not surprised to read that, in Great Britain:

Nurses who work in abortion clinics often don't have a high sense of professional self-esteem. It's not the sort of thing you brag about. "What do you do?" "Oh, I work at an abortion clinic." Sometimes I have to give them a little pep talk. You'll often find that after doing, say, 20 abortions, nurses can feel quite dejected. You have to help them along, tell them that they have made 20 women very happy that day.

The common thread in these two reports is moral relativism - an alternative reality that distorts truth as it blends evil and good in a lethal mixture of gray.

In this dark place

In other words, murder is a relative thing. It can be wrong if that is what you believe, or it can be right. These purveyors of falsehood suggest that the rightness or wrongness of abortion is merely a matter of opinion.

The only way to turn this trend around and counter this propaganda is to make sure young children from pre-K forward are taught the distinction between good and bad and right and wrong.

This is why American Life League's Culture of Life Studies Program is expanding and needs exposure in every community in our nation. We give you the tools to easily incorporate this program into any curriculum in any school or homeschooling setting.

If we want to make sure that future generations understand that murder is always and in every case wrong, we must teach the truth. CLSP helps accomplish this vital goal.

Learn more today and change the world.