A Malignancy Known as Planned Parenthood

Judie Brown
April 28, 2017
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

Malignancy : "Evil in nature"

Planned Parenthood's vision of itself versus the actual reality of what it does on a daily basis leaves one not only dumbfounded with disbelief, but sickened as well. Just what is it about this nefarious organization that average folks don't seem to understand?

Planned Parenthood argues that anyone who is 44 years of age or younger has never known what it is like to not have reproductive healthcare, including contraception. Yet the culture of life and those who understand it know that the creation of a child is a beautiful blessing that cannot and should not be tampered with by destroying the child. But in Planned Parenthood's alternate universe, children are disposable .

Not only does PP destroy the lives of tiny preborn babies, but it destroys the lives of the mothers as well. Yet we don't hear much about this. For example, even though various Planned Parenthood facilities have been the site of numerous medical emergencies and maternal deaths , we do not hear the mainstream media report on such tragedies. This is perhaps because such facts would tarnish Planned Parenthood's image as the go-to-place for questionable sex education , contraception , and surgical abortion.

While the mainstream media pushes the narrative that a federally defunded Planned Parenthood would be a disaster because more babies would be born, there are those of us who see this fact as the very best reason to put that malignant organization out of business today. Babies are a wonderful gift; they are not and never will be an enemy.

But that's not all that is evil about Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood cannot bring itself to get the science of the humanity of the preborn child right. Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, has even said that the question of when a preborn baby's life begins is not "relevant" to the conversation, commenting that debate on that topic is not part of PP's work!

How can that be? you might ask. It's difficult to comprehend, since we know beyond a doubt that a human being begins at his biological beginning. The Carnegie Stages - the gold standard for science on the question of when a baby begins - proves this.

Folks like Planned Parenthood doctor Mary Gatter understand how to provide medical research labs with the liver, lungs, and brains from preborn babies after they are aborted. So how can they deny the humanity of these children they are killing?

Day in and day out, Planned Parenthood denies the dignity of preborn babies, denies the truths taught by God, and devalues anyone who is deemed "unwanted." Proponents of Planned Parenthood might even respond that God has nothing to do with it. In fact, they say God would support having an abortion. We know otherwise, of course.

We see each and every day that Planned Parenthood is a malignancy - that it is evil by the very nature of its actions and of what it preaches. And we cannot continue to let its culture of death seep into our communities. We cannot continue to support its deadly practices. Make your voice heard. Tell your elected officials to face the facts and defund Planned Parenthood now!