Misguided Feminism

Judie Brown
February 17, 2017
Reproduced with Permission
American LIfe League

LifeNews featured a disturbing story last week about a woman named Lyz Keating. According to the story , Lyz "admitted she had an abortion for convenience, and said she has no regrets. To her, getting food poisoning was worse than aborting her unborn child."

Who is Lyz? She is but one of many women who have taken up the mantle of the abortion fanatics of America. Her story, published by Glamour magazine, is entitled "Was I Supposed to Regret My Abortion? Because I Don't," and smacks of rhetoric that is as old as the first whimpers from the pro-abortion movement in the mid 1960s.

What makes this so interesting is that, over the years, nothing has really changed for these female soldiers who are marching in an army that defends the idea that women have rights entitling them to the exclusive ownership of all things pertaining to their own kind - including the murder of their own children.

The fact that they deny the humanity of preborn children only makes the situation more difficult for reasonable people to understand. After all, women cannot get pregnant on their own, and in most cases every preborn child has two parents.

So how is it that we have come to the moment in our cultural history when women not only think they have the final say over the fate of children with two parents, but crow about the joy they have because they killed their own child? We see this misguided selfishness in Keating's own words :

I know I was lucky. I was educated enough to notice when I missed my period. I had the resources to find a clinic. I was able to take time to go to my appointments without worrying about work or child care. I had $600 to pay for the procedure. I lived in a liberal city where a clinic was close by and reproductive health care was supported.

Keating's argument that abortion is a failsafe for promiscuity is not however without risks to the mother's body and to her immortal soul. After all, not only is abortion an act of killing , it is also an offense against God.

While the mainstream media continues to concentrate on all the reasons why feminists are right when they argue that abortion is becoming more difficult to obtain , few if any talk about why the act itself should be classified as a crime. And perhaps that is what Keating is telling us when she crows about the fact that she was "educated" enough to know she had missed her period. The fact that is unwritten in her tale is that she had promiscuous sexual relations with someone and could count! That does not require a college education; it merely requires a bit of fear that one may have to accept responsibility for one's actions if an escape route is not open. And in her case, at least, abortion was that route.

It behooves those of us who fight to defend the right to life for every person - born and preborn - to understand the tragic consequences resulting from a wall of ignorance built on the lies of the enemies of truth. The kind of education Keating brags about kills this truth.

Speaking of education, California State University-San Marcos recently e-mailed students to warn them about a pro-life display on campus and offered counseling for students who found the display "disturbing and offensive." Here again is that wall of ignorance perpetuated by the enemies of truth. The graphic images of aborted children are said to be offensive to some, yet somehow the killing of these children is not.

Feminists like Keating are celebrating their reproductive choices, and of innocent babies are piling up.

These are the images of the misguided feminism of our day. These are examples of why we must never surrender to the enemy. We must become better parents, better teachers , and better communicators of God's truth. It is this truth that will be the cure for misguided feminism.