Planned Parenthood: A Century of Lying to Women

Judie Brown
October 14, 2016
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

Even the US Congress is celebrating the fact that Planned Parenthood will soon celebrate the 100th anniversary of its war on women, expectant mothers, and preborn babies. Of course the friends of Planned Parenthood do not refer to this ominous anniversary in those terms.

But as far as we are concerned, a veritable war on women based on deceit, denial, and disinformation has been Planned Parenthood's claim to fame for as long as history has recorded the scientific and sociological problems that Planned Parenthood has created.

Why do we say such a thing? Well, here are a few of the numerous examples available to anyone with a desire to know the truth.

Planned Parenthood is using its 100th birthday to focus anew on the young with messages about so-called reproductive health, including an all-out promotion of abortion. Stating that young people sometimes take Planned Parenthood "for granted," the organization will focus on personal stories in the hopes that this tactic will work with these young folks. But these will not include the personal stories of women who died as a result of their abortions. Nor will these tales focus on the teenagers diagnosed with depression as a result of ingesting the harmful chemicals in birth control pills. Furthermore, PP would never include in its promotion the story of why former talk show host Ricki Lake produced a video on the many health threats of birth control pills. And lastly, the tales from female fans of Planned Parenthood would never include the stories of the families of women who died or suffered deleterious side effects because of the manner in which Planned Parenthood clinics administered the medical abortion pill RU-486. As the leader of Operation Rescue said , "The abortion pill is a huge cash cow for the abortion cartel, but the process of abortion using the abortion pill cocktail [of two drugs, Mifeprex and Cytotec,] is long, painful, bloody, and unpredictable for women and deadly for preborn children."

These are the facts Planned Parenthood would never share with the public. And because we believe that someone must tell the truth, American Life League's vice president, Jim Sedlak , has made it his life's work to tell these truths - and so many more - over and over again.

Sedlak recently wrote this in his article "100 Years of Debauchery and Death": "Margaret Sanger's philosophies run deep at Planned Parenthood, and our world is worse off because of her actions. We have rampant sexual activity among our young people, an acceptance of killing preborn children and old or handicapped individuals, and a body count that continually climbs with every passing day. Sorry, H.G. Wells, rather than seeing Sanger as a heroine, we believe author George Grant got it right in his book Killer Angel , where he described Sanger as 'the progenitor of the grisly abortion industry and the patron of the devastating sexual revolution.'"

Clearly, the 100-year celebration that Planned Parenthood is launching across this nation will never acknowledge the devastation, death, and destruction that is its real legacy - a legacy so many women, babies, and families could live without.

Whatever YOU do, spread the truth and never give up.