Stage Three Cancer of the National Psyche

Judie Brown
April 29, 2016
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

Stage three cancer is a diagnosis that applies to cancer that has spread to surrounding tissue. It is an extremely serious situation for the patient. In the case of America's ability to fight off the evils of today, it would be safe to say that we are at that tipping point in our cultural cancer. We are killing what little is left of the goodness, moral backbone, and abhorrence of evil that once made this nation great.

How I came to this conclusion is a matter of public record and evidence, not merely opinion. Just look at the reports of the federally-funded volunteer corps in this nation, known as AmeriCorps. The organization engages more than 75,000 Americans who volunteer their time for nonprofit charities around the nation. Recent headlines report that AmeriCorps volunteers have escorted expectant mothers into abortion facilities. According to a government report, between 2013 and 2015 "federally funded AmeriCorps members broke the law by helping transport pregnant women to abortion clinics and providing them with emotional support during their procedures."

The practice has allegedly stopped, though the idea of it happening in the first place begs the question: Since when is volunteering to help an expectant mother pay to have her baby killed a community service?

This is a symptom of stage three national psyche cancer.

In addition to this, let's not forget the pathologist, James Miller, MD, owner of Pathology Services of St. Louis, who has worked with Planned Parenthood in the past. He has been involved in examining fetal remains for the clinic that is now under investigation by the legislature - and he has said that he will refuse to testify. This refusal comes at a time when it has been reported that "an investigation in Indiana uncovered MedAssure, a medical waste company servicing Pathology Services and Planned Parenthood in St. Louis, was illegally disposing fetal remains." Furthermore, it must be noted that "in February, MedAssure was fined $9,000 by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management for accepting medical waste that included fetal remains, in violation of its permit."

Oh the ghoulish things man denies he does when first he chooses to embrace the slaughter of little babies!

This is a symptom of stage three national psyche cancer.

Is that why the word "baby" is unacceptable to such people? When research was done recently for a detailing the training of abortion counselors, the writer, pro-abortion activist Carole Joffe, explained this finding: "The most interesting problem was how to refer to the product of the abortion. Although it was acknowledged that many clients would refer to this as the 'baby,' or the 'pregnancy,' new counselors were, not surprisingly, urged not to use these charged terms, but instead to use the more neutral, though admittedly more awkward, 'product of conception' or 'tissue.'"

So the word "baby" is not allowed because it is a "charged term"!

You bet it is. As we have found in other arenas, the word "baby" sends some of those who promote abortion over the edge. This is why they say that abortion is the right "choice." Anything they can say or do to dehumanize that individual human being is fair game.

This is a symptom of stage three national psyche cancer.

The response to this growing disease is, of course, the truth. Nothing less than that will effectively treat this problem.

One of the most useful tools - the video tapes produced by the Center for Medical Progress - have become the focus of angry criticism and even an indictment against Daleiden. Why? They tell the truth!

There is no question about whether or not those videos were doctored. They were not.

But in the weird world of the abortion-minded, truth is never their cup of tea.

In fact, this is by far the worst symptom of stage three national psyche cancer.

This is why truth is our most effective treatment. You and I are the voices of truth, so know your facts, stand your ground, and treat the disease with love and honesty. You are the treatment and truth is your medicine. Please dispense it freely.