Stopping the Culture of Death Trajectory

Judie Brown
February 26, 2016
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

It doesn't take a physicist to figure out that our planet is collapsing under the weight of a culture steeped in gook! It's like quicksand; it sucks you in before you know what's happening.

If you think this statement is merely bologna, think again! Take a look at some recent news items to see what I mean.

A 47-year-old woman is the surrogate mother of triplets and is living through what she calls the " dark side " of her trade. The father of the babies - the sperm donor - wants her to abort one of the babies she is carrying for him. In plain English, she is carrying a single man's children because he donated sperm, and now this father wants one of his children killed. Insane but true. And of course, they are deeply entrenched in a legal battle over this.

In other news, in a recent speech given by Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, she applauded the alleged fact that 55 million women are getting free birth control through Obamacare. And they have no co-pay. Why? Because American taxpayers like you and me are footing that bill and Planned Parenthood is making a killing!

When Planned Parenthood's fees are examined , we see that it has estimated annual contraceptive sales of $85 million and an annual profit from the sale of contraceptives in excess of $64 million. That's a profit margin to make any business owner smile!

Not only that, but since the birth control pill can cause an early abortion, Planned Parenthood's total number of babies killed before birth is through the roof! Nobody really knows the exact body count.

And speaking of abortion, some folks argue that because preborn babies can feel pain around 20 weeks gestational age, these children should be given anesthesia before the killing! In other words, yes he is a baby, and yes he is going to die, so golly gee, let's make sure that baby does not feel pain!

Say what?

How about outlawing the killing and being done with it? you might ask. Well, obviously logic doesn't have a whole lot to do with today's culture. The facts I have given to you, along with so many more not mentioned, do not require a brain surgeon to understand. Our culture is in grave danger, and America should be in crisis mode. But life just goes on with people who are blissfully ignorant, or who blatantly ignore the fact that a baby is a human being prior to birth. And, in this sad culture we live in, that baby has a 1 in 3 chance of being dead before actually meeting her mother at birth.

So what is the answer? We must educate our children. We must devote ourselves to the task of giving them the facts and teaching them the arguments to use in defense of life. We understand that we need tools to accomplish this. But where do we find these tools?

At long last, there is now a full-fledged program providing the very tools that are required to meet the challenge of educating, inspiring, and motivating young people. It is called the American Life League Culture of Life Studies Program , or CLSP for short.

CLSP exists because there is a desperate need for it:

With our culture waging open war against marriage, the family, preborn children, and the disabled, there has never been a greater need for an educational program that teaches students the truth about the value of all human beings, the sacredness of the sacrament of marriage, and the necessity of the family as the building block of society. American Life League's Culture of Life Studies Program strives to build a culture of life by helping students to understand the value of every human being and by inspiring a new generation of young people who will defend preborn children, respect all human beings from creation to death, and speak the truth with confidence in defense of the innocent.

Sounds fantastic, doesn't it? Well, it is. Find out how you can be an instrument of good in our world today by supporting the solid pro-life education of our children. Take a few moments to browse the website, the Facebook page , and our blogs .

America, please take notice! We can stop the culture of death trajectory.