Nothing Natural about 'Natural Death'

Judie Brown
October 30, 2015
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

Recently the culture of death took the ambiguous term "natural death" and adapted it to fit into its roadmap to hell.

For Catholics, the phrase "natural death" is best identified with the Catechism of the Catholic Church , which teaches that "death is the end of earthly life," not the death of the soul, and states , "In a sense bodily death is natural."

Catholic statements on the right to life usually include : "The Church affirms the right to life of all persons, from conception to natural death."

But as we have shown elsewhere, the word " conception " is erroneous in today's topsy-turvy world where respect for the dignity of the human being has run amuck and words mean whatever the gatekeepers say they mean. You can bet that any time a word can be twisted to excuse killing the innocent, it will be.

As early as 1915, eugenicists such as Dr. Harry Haiselden, Edward Clapham, and others were claiming that "defective" newborn babies could be left to die because "a natural death is its natural right."

Presumably one could say that, in one form or another, language has become the tool of every evil act known to man. And that is how we arrive at the juncture between what the term "natural death" might mean in a sane world where natural law principles hold sway and what it means today.

These two words recently appeared in California's brand new assisted suicide law , signed by Governor Jerry Brown a couple of weeks ago. Contained in this law - the End of Life Option Act (ABX2-15) - is this phrase: "Notwithstanding any other law, a qualified individual's act of self-administering an aid-in-dying drug shall not have an effect upon a life, health, or annuity policy other than that of a natural death from the underlying disease."

To be perfectly clear, that single sentence excuses those who help someone take his own life by saying that even though an "assisted suicide" has occurred, it is in fact a "natural death."

Scary? Well, that's the way the culture of death operates.

You see, in the state of California it took the pro-death zealots more than a quarter of a century to garner the support required to have such a law passed. And as we know, California has been an abortion-state since the late 1960s. Evidently legalized murder continues unabated - and even welcomed.

Attorney Margaret Dore, who practices law in Washington state where assisted suicide is already legal, took a look at this California law and wrote :

In Washington state, similar language, interpreted by the Department of Health, requires medical examiners, coroners and prosecuting attorneys to certify a death as "natural" if Washington's assisted suicide law was used. If California follows this interpretation, no matter what the facts, even a "murder for the money" will be certified as natural if the California bill is used. The significance will be a lack of transparency and a legal inability to prosecute criminal behavior. The opportunity will be created for the perfect crime.

The "perfect crime" - a term that brings to mind Planned Parenthood's perfect crimes as it continues to slice and dice aborted children, even apparently targeting some babies with the illegal partial birth abortion procedure. How can we be so blind? Partial birth abortion is illegal - unless you are Planned Parenthood. And by the same token, intentionally killing the sick is also illegal - unless you hide behind "natural death" rhetoric.

Disgusting, isn't it?

The reaction of the public is always muted when we discuss these matters, but that does not change reality. Aleksander Solzhenitsyn put the situation into perfect perspective when, during his Templeton Address in 1983, he stated, "Men have forgotten God; that's why all this is happening."