America's Real Crisis

Judie Brown
Aug 28, 2015
Reproduced with Permission

If the most recent Center for Medical Progress video does not confirm the worst suspicions regarding the callous disregard for human personhood that has infected America's body politic, then there is no hope for humanity. In this video, we see a continuum of moral deterioration driven by profit, science, and hubris.

The video's discussion between a potential buyer of baby body parts and StemExpress CEO, Cate Dyer, is bone chilling. And while there are no actual graphic images in this video, the conversation about shipping a baby's skull, and the laughter about some buyers who are reluctant to see the baby body parts though they want the tissue, create feelings of revulsion among those of us who understand the depth of evil to which these people have sunk.

Dyer's cavalier attitude speaks volumes about StemExpress , Planned Parenthood , and sadly many among the political and cultural elite. As we listen to the discussion, and recall that the United States Senate failed to pass a vote aimed at defunding Planned Parenthood, based in large part on these documented accounts of lawbreaking involving human trafficking of baby body parts, another ugly truth is exposed.

Among the 53 senators who voted to continue Planned Parenthood funding were 13 self-proclaimed Catholics. They were Maria Cantwell , Washington state; Bob Casey , Pennsylvania; Dick Durbin , Illinois; Kirsten Gillibrand , New York; Heidi Heitkamp , North Dakota; Tim Kaine , Virginia; Patrick Leahy , Vermont; Ed Markey , Massachusetts; Claire McCaskill , Missouri; Bob Menendez , New Jersey; Barbara Mikulski , Maryland; Patty Murray , Washington state and Jack Reed , Rhode Island. These senators chose political correctness and partisan loyalty over devotion to Christ and respect for the human person. These senators defied truth and sided with the devil himself.

This state of affairs exacerbates all that has been revealed by The Center for Medical Progress. It plays right into the hands of those who are associated with a history of violence against preborn babies and women - a history that is Planned Parenthood's stock in trade.

The cowardice exhibited by these specific senators, based on who they are and the faith they claim, speaks volumes about the difficulty we face in our effort to disengage the United States government from the killing fields by defunding Planned Parenthood and ultimately closing it down.

It doesn't take a Catholic theologian to figure out what is wrong here. Senator Bob Casey explains it for us when he writes this about his vote NOT to defund Planned Parenthood: "Abortion and family planning always will be complicated and contentious issues for our country. I don't expect everyone to agree with me on the path I have chosen for dealing with them. I do believe that my approach to these hard decisions has been consistent, careful and, ultimately, pro-life."

He believes that supporting Planned Parenthood's funding is pro-life, and he is a Catholic?

That, my friends, is far more alarming than any video because Casey's words exhibit the hardness of heart that has affected our nation - including far too many Catholics.

As we press on toward the victory we seek and the solution to our cultural moral depravity, we understand that America's real crisis is a crisis of faith. Father John Hardon's words challenge us to solve this problem: "There is only one solution. Re-evangelize, in order to re-Christianize, in order to revitalize a decadent human society."

​Let's help these legislators understand the error of their ways. Express your outrage and your disgust. Vote them out of office.