All Babies Want Us to Tell the Truth

Judie Brown
July 24, 2015
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

The past couple of weeks have filled the airwaves with the truth about what Planned Parenthood's many medical practitioners do to "serve" the public. A gory picture is emerging as we witness the disturbing conversations from videos issued by the Center for Medical Progress.

David Daleiden, one of the leaders of CMP, has spoken on several Fox News programs over the past week and has explained repeatedly that the videos are all available, in their entirety, on the CMP website. Furthermore, he asserts that, contrary to the claim by pro-aborts, no video has been doctored.

Alleging that the videos are doctored is only the beginning of the inane statements being made by those who oppose the video exposé and clearly oppose the truth-telling these videos represent.

Juan Williams , liberal commentator and columnist, says that these videos are being used to " politicize abortion ." He goes on to defend all the services Planned Parenthood provides to women, as if to suggest that the butchering of little babies is an aside to the marvels one can experience at the hands of this monstrous organization!

Analyzing the news coverage - or lack thereof - of the videos, News Busters wrote that liberal journalists "relied on euphemistic language. Baby parts were 'fetal organs,' and the 'selling' of those parts was assuredly 'donating.' While journalists were admittedly squeamish, they argued they would have the same reaction to things like heart surgery and childbirth."

Yet the truth is breaking through more often than not. It is clear that CMP has been meticulous in going about the task of using hidden cameras to capture gruesome discussions on tape. CMP operatives know what to look for and how to expose it in all its ugliness. We are positive this is why Daleiden sought guidance from one of our nation's leading scientists, Teresa Deisher , PhD.

Theresa Deisher helped to prepare Daleiden for his role as a biomedical representative, teaching him the ins and outs of the field.

She holds a Ph.D. in molecular and cellular physiology from Stanford University and worked for more than 20 years in the commercial biomedical industry. As her respect for the unborn grew, so did her intolerance for working in a field where experimenting on material from aborted babies is rampant. She is now the president of Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute and CEO of AVM Biotechnology ; both companies have a mission to end the use of aborted babies in biomedical research.

With advice like that, it is no wonder these videos are making an impact by presenting irrefutable facts coming from the mouths of the very practitioners who are responsible for the deaths of these babies.

Where we go from here should not surprise anyone, including those who would give anything to silence the mounting calls for an end to Planned Parenthood's reign of terror.

Investigative hearings have already been scheduled by the U. S. House of Representatives. In the United States Senate, Senator Ted Cruz is leading the charge, calling for hearings as well. And the pressure for Congress to do so will mount. Of that there is no doubt.

One thing is crystal clear when it comes to politics, however. In our quest to fight for an end to the taxpayer support for Planned Parenthood's evil empire, there can be no compromise.

This is why two proposed bills to defund Planned Parenthood, H.R. 3134 and S. 1836, are NOT the answer. H.R. 3134 and S. 1836 are flawed and do NOT defund Planned Parenthood; the companion bills permit, through rape, incest, and life of the mother exceptions, our tax dollars to continue going to Planned Parenthood for its baby-killing business.

This is totally unacceptable.

As Jim Sedlak , executive vice president of American Life League, has said, we must stand together for ALL the babies! It makes no sense to put exceptions on abortion in any bill, least of all these. We demand that H.R. 3134 and S. 1836 be corrected!

Pro-life America, UNITE! All babies want us to tell the truth. Now is the time for unity in this truth.