God is Laughing! Why Aren't You?

Judie Brown
August 17, 2010
Reproduced with Permission

Many years ago, when having a serious conversation about the pro-abortion cartel in America, the jolly Catholic priest with whom I was talking looked at me and, with a serious, Irish face said, "Judie! Come on! God is laughing, why aren't you?"

I never forgot that wonderful comment, which he then explained was based on Psalm 2, which advises us that, even when the evil one is plotting against us, and using all manner of devices to defeat us, "He who is enthroned in the heavens laughs."

When you think about it, of course He does. The Lord knows who wins in the end, but sometimes we forget that. So a few news stories from this past week reminded me that my dearest friend, Father Denis O'Brien, was as wise as anyone I have ever known.

Less than a week ago, American Life League's Stop Planned Parenthood International discovered that Urban Outfitters (a clothing store for young men and women) was marketing Planned Parenthood's condoms on its web site. ALL's staff was quick to execute a full court press on that dastardly ad - issuing press releases, email alerts and going viral with the news within moments of learning about it. And, as God is our judge, Urban Outfitters had a change of heart and pulled that ad less than 24 hours later.

So who said pro-life Americans are not effective?

Then there's that marvelous T-shirt from National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week 2008 that reads, "growing, growing, gone." One young sixth grade student, Tiffany Amador, from Merced, California, wore her T-shirt to school, was reprimanded and instructed to take it off. She refused to be bullied and went to court to defend her right to express her pro-life values. In a recent victory for Amador and pro-lifers everywhere, the judge decided her rights were violated. Praise God!

Alliance Defense Fund attorney William J. Becker, Jr. did a masterful job of defending Tiffany Amador's rights as an American citizen who believes in witnessing to the dignity of the human person. According to Becker, "Student speech at all grade levels is protected by the First Amendment." He then goes on to say, "With few exceptions, such as profanity and lewdness, the Constitution prohibits school officials from picking and choosing what messages they find acceptable and what messages they find unacceptable. The message of the shirt was that life demands respect. This is a particularly vital message for vulnerable young girls."

Now, thanks to Tiffany, her parents and her brilliant attorney, pro-life students are assured that, even when defending their preborn brothers and sisters, they have freedom of speech!

Finally, last Friday evening I had the honor of attending an event hosted by a wonderful group of Virginians that recognized the heroic work of Mary's Shelter. This project is a perfect example of the nearly unrecognized work selfless pro-life people do every day - morning, noon and night - to save lives, affirm mothers, heal families and bring the love of Christ into the broken lives of those who might not otherwise ever feel the embrace of a caring human being. Mary's Shelter is among the most unique of these programs in the USA and it is growing.

It is rarely spoken, but certainly true, that at the core of all it means to be pro-life in this nation today is the desire to reach out when it is not comfortable to do so, to embrace when it is most difficult to think about it and to give when it seems impossible to give another penny. It isn't about us, it's about those who, without our constant voice, prayer and support, will die. Some will die a brutal death and be tossed away, some will lose their souls to evil because nobody cared enough to be there for them and some will simply never witness a person reflecting the love of Christ toward them in their hour of need.

The victory with a clothing company, the affirmation of the right to defend life by wearing a T-shirt to school, and the dignity of being part of a ministry of love are all cogs in the wheel of pro-life work that keep rolling, keep moving forward toward victory and keep growing stronger because we believe in God's gift of human dignity.

Being pro-life is the best experience anyone could ever have! This is why God is laughing. Why aren't you?