'I can't breathe': The plight of the preborn

Judie Brown
By Rey Flores
December 10, 2014
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

This past year has seen race relations decline as a result of a well-orchestrated attempt by a corrupt government that wants to divide us at all costs. And the propaganda peddlers known as the news media are making it more obvious than ever that they get most of their talking points from the Obama administration.

Have there been unfortunate isolated cases of abusive police officers-particularly targeting minorities-that should never have happened? Of course. But let us not allow the inflammatory rhetoric and constant video news feeds to stoke our emotions and allow ourselves to be manipulated.

The one message I would like to deliver to all of those professional race baiters like the Rev. Al Sharpton, rabble-rouser community organizations, and the easily-led-by-the-nose protestors is that injustices happen every single day in our lives and nary do we ever hear a peep from any of these people.

If anyone wants to fight the true systemic racism and eugenics that have wiped out so many black babies in America, go no further than the nearest Planned Parenthood or independent arbortuary.

In New York City alone, nearly 80 percent of the babies aborted are black and Hispanic. Why doesn't this bother any of these mostly do-nothing-else protesters who merely yell and scream the words "racism" or chant slogans like "hands up, don't shoot" that mean absolutely nothing? What a shameful display of ignorance-an ignorance that has resulted from decades of indoctrination by radical pro-abortion, pro-contraception, pro-homosexual, and atheistic educational institutions and a relentless culture of death that has also infiltrated religious institutions.

Watching endless replays of Eric Garner on video barely able to say "I can't breathe" to an overly zealous NYPD cop has moved many Americans to shut down the byways and highways of America. But to what end?

What about the baby about to be aborted as you are reading this right now? Can he say, "I can't breathe!" or "I'm being cut up into pieces; please Mama, help!"? Can she say, "Make the man stop stabbing the back of my skull with those sharp, cold metal things!" or "All I want to do is be in your arms, Mama!"?

No, we don't hear that. After all, it's just a fetus that isn't even human, right? It's just a blob of tissue without the ability to feel any pain, correct?

If Al Sharpton, Cecile Richards, pro-basketball player LeBron James, and even Barack Obama thought for one moment how the voices of those innocent human beings would sound, maybe there might be a change of heart.

The voices of the preborn will never be played on continuous loop on the 24/7 news media outlets. Their cries will not go viral on social media. And there won't be any YouTube videos of the preborn saying "I can't breathe!" We silenced their voices a long time ago.