Death Peddlers Have No Shame

Judie Brown
16 September 2014
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

This past week has seen more startling revelations coming to us courtesy of the abortion cartel. None of them are music to our ears. In fact, they represent more shots across the bow of the pro-life ship of truth. Incredible as they are to those of us naïve enough to believe we can still convert this land to a culture of life, they are nothing more than status quo for the death peddlers.

Some years ago, in the late sixties, a wise man once said that that if a doctor were willing to kill an innocent person, that medical practitioner could not be trusted to be ethical in any respect. This man was himself a doctor - Herbert Ratner , M.D. He witnessed to truth with courage, even though many of his colleagues were more interested in marketing abortion, contraception, and sterilization with impunity. Dr. Ratner devoted his practice and his pro-life efforts to the care and good health of women and families. He founded the quarterly journal Child and Family , and he exposed the horrific facts about the Salk vaccine and its dangers.

Today I believe he would actually be anything but surprised to learn the latest from the abortion industry. Let's start with the emotionally unstable Planned Parenthood abortionist, Gary Prohaska , age 78. According to California Catholic Daily:

The accusation states that the Medical Board received information in December 2013 that Prohaska was mentally impaired. He was ordered to undergo a psychiatric examination on June 17, 2014. The Medical Board-appointed psychiatrist concluded that Prohaska had "moderate severity cognitive impairment" that "renders him unsafe to practice medicine."

Because Prohaska's license has been delinquent since January 2014, he is prohibited from practicing.

One is compelled to ask: How could Planned Parenthood continue to send its clients to this madman? Well, when an organization is in the business of marketing the killing of preborn babies, the doctors employed by them are paid to kill babies. Deceiving women into believing that abortion is nothing more than a surgical procedure being done for their own good is just the first step. Organizations like Planned Parenthood will do practically anything - including ignoring an abortionist's failing capabilities even when expectant mothers' lives are at stake. What's another life anyway?

And Planned Parenthood has, as we all know, been known for the type of arrogance that knows no bounds. Evil is its stock in trade. Is it any wonder that one of its volunteers recently told Missouri lawmakers that abortion is sacred ?

LifeSiteNews reports:

Pivoting from its previous depiction of abortion as a necessary evil, the abortion industry and its political stalwarts have increasingly begun describing abortion as a positive, even holy, event.

Last August, Wendy Davis said she launched the 11-hour filibuster that thrust her into the limelight, because "sometimes you have to take a stand on sacred ground ."

Two months earlier, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi referred to the issue of abortion as "sacred ground" while deflecting a question from a reporter from The Weekly Standard .

The abortion industry's mental gymnastics are clearly well ingrained in the minds of those in charge, those who market the evil, and those who consistently vote for it. There is no doubt about that at all.

Sadder still is the fact that the culture has fallen in line with the lies and, for the most part, cares little for the truth. And that truth is ugly.

Men of integrity like Dr. Ratner and others could have predicted as much, but then again, the majority of Americans only yawn and say, "Who cares?"

Well, my dear friends, we care! We must fight on defending the babies, caring for their mothers, and insisting that cruelty is never a proper response to fear, poverty, or loneliness. We can never stop exposing the truth about the death peddlers.

Join us today. Learn what you can do to help others see that human dignity must always and in every case be cherished. Killing innocent people is never an option.