Propaganda Film Humanizes Slaughtering Children

Judie Brown
August 29, 2014
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

After Tiller is a film set to air on Labor Day, September 1, 2014, on Public Broadcasting Service. The drama is being presented to the public as a " point of view " telecast and the subject matter centers around the four abortionists who now do late-term abortions in America. This documentary tells the stories of the four practitioners and some of their patients.

PBS is promoting the show by telling prospective viewers: "After Tiller presents the complexities of these women's difficult decisions and the compassion and ethical dilemmas of the doctors and staff who fear for their own lives as they treat their patients."

Lana Wilson, one of the directors of the film, spoke in an interview about whether or not the abortionists were in any danger due to pro-life protesters. Her answer astounded me:

The doctors will be the first to acknowledge that people can disagree about this issue. They understand that. But, should the level of vitriol for these doctors really be so high that people are assassinating them? . . . Let's try to have more compassion for them instead of judging. You can disagree with them, but why do it in such a vitriolic way that it just promotes hatred?

It would take a small book to unpack the distortions in this woman's answer, let alone the entire interview. But this quote does provide a window into the thinking behind the story. And it tells its own story about the cultural devastation that 40 years of decriminalized abortion has created.

In secular commentary I have read about this film, there is not a single suggestion that these doctors are practitioners who are in the business of killing people for a living. One is left with the impression that the world is comfortable with abortion and uncomfortable with anyone who protests the act.

What a sad state of affairs, America!

Having said that, there are glimmers of hope among those reporting on this movie. There are honest reporters who are not afraid to tell the truth about it, including National Right to Life News. Dave Andrusko examined the matter and tells readers that even though PBS website visitor comments are mostly negative at the moment, "None of that will change the ugly truth. That the lives of huge babies who are way, way past the point of being able to feel pain, are being brutally snuffed out. And that PBS is willing to give a platform to a film that glorifies the killing."

And there is more ! " After Tiller was funded in large part by pro-abortion groups and lists Planned Parenthood and NARAL as primary outreach partners. According to Media Impact Partners , the film's production team's goals include changing the view of Americans in favor of late-term abortion providers and against legislation that bans late-term abortions. The filmmakers also hope that medical students will request abortion training be made available in their curricula."

We must not forget that taxpayers like you and me are paying for the PBS budget! So we are all accomplices to this latest assault on human reason and Hippocratic ethics. The situation is grave, but there is plenty we can do about this.

We can make our voices heard so that PBS realizes there is outrage among Americans, and that it is not violent or vitriolic, just honest. Leave your comments online at . Ask others in your sphere of influence to do likewise. Then pray for America!

To learn more about how to protect and defend our families and future generations of Americans against the propaganda spewing forth at taxpayer expense, join with American Life League and become part of our Defend the Family campaign.

We must work each and every day toward stopping the spread of lies. It's killing us, and it's killing our families.