A Bull in Catalonia V. A Preborn Baby in America

Judie Brown
August 2, 2010
Reproduced with Permission

It comes as no surprise that, when the dust settled and pro-abortion Catholic Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Kathleen Sebelius, completed her dirty work for her boss, babies would still be dying at taxpayer expense. As the pro-life movement continues to jockey for position while being suckered in by elusive assurances from the hackneyed, smiley-toothed deceiver Barack Obama, actual facts continue to be tossed off as if they did not matter.

What are those facts?

The cave-in by Congressman Stupak, the issuance of a weakly constructed Executive Order by the Administration, and the ongoing posturing of both sides of the abortion debate have congealed into a confusing state of affairs for the preborn citizens of this nation. Empty promises and false assurances aside, a new Congressional Research Service (CRS) study makes it clear that there are situations in which those alleged abortion restrictions contained in the health care reform law may be tricky in actual practice.

After the CRS report was issued, thirteen Republican Senators addressed a letter to Sebelius seeking her assistance "to ensure that federal dollars will not be used to pay for elective abortions."

The White House was quick to point out that, under a new, temporary Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP), abortion payment would be restricted to pregnancies resulting from rape or incest or if a woman's life were endangered. The White House further stipulated that these restrictions did not affect private insurance choices.

In response, Judith Lichtman, Senior Advisor of the National Partnership for Women and Families stated, "By refusing to allow women who use the high-risk insurance pools to purchase abortion coverage with their own money, the Obama Administration is putting women with health problems, who are more likely to have high-risk pregnancies, at unnecessary risk."

If we read the White House statement correctly, Lichtman is not speaking accurately. That being said, she is asking followers to send a message to Obama, urging him to assure abortion coverage.

If this all sounds a bit confusing, that's probably because it is. In the world of abortion politics, such is usually the case as the smoke and mirrors deflect attention from the core problem - abortion kills somebody.

Concerned Women for America's Wendy Wright opined "The Obama administration is trying to play both sides. It tried to sneak funding for abortion in one program. Then, when caught, they announced a 'ban,' but at the same time declared the ban as 'temporary' and 'not a precedent' for what it will do in other programs. This leads to one obvious conclusion: temporary fixes don't work. Congress needs to pass a permanent ban on abortion funding."

To which I say, NO! A "ban" that permits killing is not worth the paper it is written on. Taxpayer funding for child killing will continue in cases of rape, incest and if the life of the mother is endangered - not to mention abortions caused chemically and medically - with or without Congressional action.

There is but one solution. The entire pro-life contingent must unify behind human rights for every preborn human being without exception and without compromise. Until then, all these verbal negotiations and public relations maneuverings will accomplish nothing more than continued confusion, more fundraising and death.

This latest chapter in the abortion-as-health-care fiasco makes it clear that both pro-death and pro-life forces are battling for headlines based on politics instead of principle. The resulting compromises are costly for the people caught in the regulatory strategizing. They die.

In Catalonia, Spain, the life of every bull, without exception, will soon be protected by a new law that will outlaw bullfighting. No exceptions.

Yet, in the United States, life is not as sacred or as precious as a Catalonia bull. Here, every preborn baby is subject to a life or death decision based on how he or she was conceived, whether or not somebody besides the purchaser of the abortion is paying the final bill and how the expectant mother defines her child.

All kinds of scenarios and far too many excuses to kill.