Addicted to Violence

Judie Brown
October 25, 2019
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

Addiction: "a strong inclination to do, use, or indulge in something repeatedly"; "a compulsive . . . behavior"

What you are about to read exposes an addiction to abortion that infects those who kill the preborn for a living. Case in point:

Doctor Lisa Harris is an abortionist. She wrote an editorial for the New York Times entitled "My Day as an Abortion Care Provider: A Thank You, a Prayer for My Soul, a 14 Year Old." Summarizing a particular day in her professional life, Harris wrote:

I do think about the moral complexities of abortion. I know that for every woman whose abortion I perform, I stop a developing human from being born. And I also know that I can't turn my back on the people who ask for my care. Both things are true at the same time.

In this single statement she exposes two things, namely her honesty and her brutality. For while she admits to killing the concealed baby, she excuses the act because she deems it a form of care for her visible patient.

But that is not all there is to Harris. Live Action took note of her views writing:

"In a medical journal article, Planned Parenthood abortionist Lisa Harris concedes that the pictures pro-lifers show are real and that abortion is violence. Harris regularly commits late-term abortions using the D&E procedure."

Harris' admission that abortion is "a version of violence" suggests that she is not only exposing the elephant in the abortion rights living room, but she is excusing it as well. In fact, in a medical journal column Harris gets downright frightening. She tells the reader that abortion practitioners need to not only be honest about their trade but that they should focus on the "unique rewards" of the practice of late-term abortion. Harris concludes:

"I am tired of 'pro-life' representation of the work we do. It's time for the pro-choice movement to claim abortion fully and use the experiences of providers to strengthen our movement."

Clearly Harris is not ashamed of killing babies. She celebrates her craft and is the perfect example of an abortion addict.

She is not the only one.

Planned Parenthood abortionists specialize in the killing of preborn babies!

During the court hearings on the ghastly baby body parts undercover video project by the Center for Medical Progress, one Planned Parenthood abortionist, Dr. Mary Gatter, admitted to the attorney questioning her that she discussed wanting a Lamborghini because the baby body parts business was bringing in big money!

Addiction to violence.

Abortionists with no qualms about killing babies, who leave living newborns to die and who crush their skulls, are people so committed to their craft that they cannot admit their addiction. Such people, like Leana Wen, former president of Planned Parenthood, believe that the abortions they do improve the health and well-being of the mothers whose babies die at their hands.

Treating such an addiction will not occur because of elections, judicial decisions, or laws. The only treatment is witnessing to the truth that when an expectant mother seeks to abort her child, she becomes at the end of that tragic act the mother of a dead child rather than a living one.

Mothers were never chosen by God to be executioners of their own children.

Recall and reflect upon these words of St. John Paul II from Mulieris Dignitatem - his encyclical on the dignity and vocation of women:

"Motherhood implies from the beginning a special openness to the new person: and this is precisely the woman's 'part.' In this openness, in conceiving and giving birth to a child, the woman 'discovers herself through a sincere gift of herself.'"

The addiction to the violence of abortion denies the wonder, the beauty, and the truth of the gift of motherhood. Only by teaching this truth as we ask the Blessed Mother for her intercession can we hope to end this addiction to violence.

Join the Marian Blue Wave; pray for an end to abortion and an end to the addiction to violence.

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