Standing Against Falsehood

Judie Brown
October 11, 2019
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

Those of us who defend the inalienable right to life witness the non-stop bamboozling of the public. It is a shame what folks are never told if they rely on the media for their information.

Such deception has led to physical, emotional and spiritual harm among women and men, not to mention the deaths of only God knows how many preborn children.

Yet the real challenge for us is not that the deceivers are in our midst but that our ability to disseminate truth is often blocked. Culture of death operatives do all they can to marginalize, intimidate and humiliate us and our work. This discrimination includes the right of every man and woman to know the truth.

Pro-life people are lepers in a community of egomaniacs who deny evil as they propagate its fruits.

This is dangerous for the unsuspecting. For example we learned that a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reports that birth control might be making adolescents depressed. Clinical depression is not something to be ignored and yet the news reports of this, and the social media messaging that would likely get the attention of teens using the pill are nowhere to be found.

Why? Follow the money!

In another stunning report we learn that one in five young women who have used birth control did not feel informed about their options when they first started using it. Not only that, but "68 percent of women surveyed have questions about reproductive and sexual health – but felt unsure of where to get reliable answers…"

In other words, due to such things as communication blackouts on topics ranging from the fact about how the pill can kill preborn babies to the fact that the pill increases the risk of blood clots, breast cancer and more, individuals are falling victim to terrible difficulties on purpose. Why? Because educators and communicators in our culture are in denial. Such deadly chicanery boggles the mind.

Why do they ignore the facts? Follow the money!

Surely this planned ignorance on the dangers to physical health should be enough, but such coverups also endanger the soul.

It is for this reason in defense of the whole person, body and soul, that pro-life people persist. We pray diligently, we work hard and do not give credence to the naysayers who argue that God has nothing to do with this. He has everything to do with this!

It is not all about the money, after all, it is all about heaven.

So while the state of things might be tragically lopsided at the moment, that does not change the facts about preborn children, contraception, homosexuality or any number of matters relating to the human person. Truth can never be changed.

So as we persist in our work we take great inspiration from Saint Paul's wisdom when he wrote in 2 Timothy 1:6-9; 14 New Jerusalem Bible,

"That is whyI am reminding you now to fan into a flame the gift that God gave you when I laid my hands on you. God's gift was not a spirit of timidity, but the Spirit of power, and love, and self-control. So you are never to be ashamed of witnessing to the Lord, or ashamed of me for being his prisoner; but with me bear the hardships for the sake of the Good News, relying on the power of God who has saved us and called us to be holy – not because of anything we ourselves have done but for his own purpose and by his own grace.… you have been trusted to look after something precious; guard it with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in us."

No matter how difficult it might be to stand against falsehood these days, it is not impossible.

We turn to Mary, mother of God, asking for her intercession and saying the Rosary to end abortion we are confident that we possess the Spirit of power, and love, and self-control.

We are not ashamed to proclaim truth so let us be about the business of doing it.