Aborting Babies of Color Is Racist

Judie Brown
August 26, 2019
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

We hear the word "racism" nearly every day. Yet, many don't take the time to truly understand this term and examine the repercussions when it comes to abortion. If there ever were a racist practice in the United States today, abortion is it.

And if we had to identify a single organization as the prime mover in the racist abortion industry, it would unquestionably be Planned Parenthood. Michael Brown underscores this fact and says: "When an organization makes billions of dollars killing babies in the womb, it is clearly a bloodthirsty organization. And when a disproportionate number of those babies are black and Hispanic, it is clearly a racist organization."

We recently heard from Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, who is black, that some folks are racist because they enable what she defines as a racist system of government. But Pressley supports abortion without any restrictions, including the aborting of black babies.

In addition, the acting Planned Parenthood CEO, Alexis McGill-Johnson, who is also black, says pro-lifers are racist! McGill-Johnson is not only an avid supporter of abortion for all babies regardless of the color of their skin, but she claims Christians can support abortion too.

Not to be outdone, the media in general promotes the chant that President Trump's immigration policy is racist and so is he. But we hear from the same news sources that abortion is okay!

So where is the truth? Pro-life leader and black activist Walter Hoye II explains that, in the last 169 years, the fertility rate among black women has declined by 77 percent. Hoye further reports that abortion takes more lives in the black community than heart disease, cancer, and strokes combined.

No wonder Dr. Alveda King, Martin Luther King's niece, exclaimed this past Mother's Day that the abortion lobby is single-handedly killing black families.

We are living in strange times. It occurs to me that the word racist has become a meaningless figure of speech. It is used to describe anything that the culture-of-death operatives choose to define as unacceptable, intolerant, or otherwise non-politically correct.

The only thing these people stand for is deception. They don't want to see the facts. They just want us to accept their claims and shut up. That is their mantra.

It is into this arena of total deception that I bring to you the profound words of Cardinal George Pell, written just 14 short years ago:

So why would anyone try to oppose conscience to objective truth? Part of the answer lies in a distorted attitude towards the virtue of tolerance. "Tolerance" is often something of a weasel word. Of course, all human beings should tolerate the foibles and weaknesses of their fellows. But by "tolerance" many now mean "never judging." And this is a much more debatable proposition. In fact, believers in tolerance themselves usually acknowledge unspoken limits. Tolerance rarely means refraining from judging racists, or sexists, or pedophiles, or political cheats - naturally enough: these are morally wrong and should be judged so. But the contemporary love of tolerance is severely limited. In effect, the only things we must be tolerant of are people's sexual choices, or perhaps their choices about such life issues as abortion or euthanasia.

As pro-lifers, we exercise the virtue of tolerance in its proper way because, yes, we do define aborting babies of color - or any baby for that matter - as not only racist but evil. It is of the devil, as are the people who claim it is not.