Respectable Savagery Exposed

Judie Brown
April 5, 2019
Reproduced with Permission
America Life League

Abby Johnson - pro-life leader, author, and teacher - recently told Celebrate Life Magazine that "Unplanned is not just my story; it's the story of all of you who have been fighting in the pro-life movement. I believe this film will be one of the things that will work to make abortion unthinkable - and not just because it's about my book."

When asked if she feared any backlash from Planned Parenthood, Abby replied:

I hope that they are just steaming mad about it, and I hope they give us all kinds of publicity. I hope they talk about what a terrible film it is and give it as much media attention as possible. The more they advertise for this film, the more of their people and their supporters will go to see it. I believe walking in there as a critic could be a first step to their conversion.

And indeed, the reviews and comments have been amazing! In her review of the film, Catherine Daub, director of the Culture of Life Studies Program, wrote: "There are many good people and organizations in the pro-life movement, and there are many different strategies for bringing an end to the horrible evil that is abortion. Unplanned is an important part of this. We pray that this movie is a success, that it changes hearts and minds, and that the Holy Spirit works through those in the theater and helps to heal our culture."

Because of the graphic and true-to-life nature of the film, Daub also shared her concerns about taking children and younger teens to see it, understanding that these scenes might damage their innocence. She added: "We realize that there is no way to portray the nature of what abortion is and how it is done without being graphic, but these scenes may chip away at the innocence of young teens. . . . We understand that so many have bought into the lies of the abortion industry that these graphic scenes are probably necessary to wake adults from their slumber. However, we also know that we must do everything we can to preserve the innocence of our children and teens."

And to that we can say amen! When we take a moment to examine the callous disregard for truth currently invading this nation in at every turn, we cannot help but feel that Daub has hit the nail on the head. America needs to wake up. And it needs healing. The sooner the better.

We know, for example, that even in the face of the gruesome reality of the videos that the Center for Medical Progress released showing the brutality of cutting preborn baby bodies into bits and selling the organs and limbs to pro-aborts, the Supreme Court has chosen not to hear an appeal by the group.

According to CMP attorney Charles LiMandri of the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund, who filed the petition with the Supreme Court: "The billion-dollar abortion industry is stopping at nothing to crush David." For now, at least, the strong arm of Planned Parenthood appears to be prevailing.

The Supreme Court's action means that Planned Parenthood can continue its legal pursuit of CMP which, it claims "committed federal conspiracy and wiretapping violations. Planned Parenthood also claims that the Center for Medical Progress violated California law by fraudulently gaining access to its facilities."

So we pray that, with persistence and the continued work of his excellent legal team, Daleiden will prevail and the truth will come out!

If Planned Parenthood were not operating out of fear that the facts will become obvious to everyone, it would not be attempting to silence the CMP leadership!

According to Daleiden, "Turning aborted babies into a revenue stream is an inhuman exploitation of the not fully dead. . . . They [Planned Parenthood] are saying that some unborn babies are more valuable dead than alive. It's a terrible, barbaric place for a democratic society to go."

Planned Parenthood realizes that Daleiden's words and work, like those of Abby Johnson, can bring the organization to ruin.

After more than 40 years of fighting Planned Parenthood, American Life League, along with Stop Planned Parenthood International and so many others, welcomes the vigilance of our fellow pro-lifers, especially Abby Johnson and David Daleiden.

United we stand in opposition to the cruelty that is abortion and the deception of America's leading abortion profiteer, Planned Parenthood!

We will all continue working to stem the spread of respectable savagery by exposing the truth.