Beating your baby to death!

Judie Brown
July 6, 2018
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

In 2011, American Life League produced a 30-second video featuring a blender that was portrayed as cutting a living bunny to pieces. The dramatic presentation was designed to simulate something very bad and deadly. But we made it clear that while no bunny was actually killed, the point of the message remained.

The purpose of this video was to show people who viewed it what Planned Parenthood was doing in their clinics - aborting little babies by cutting them into pieces. Because Planned Parenthood receives our tax dollars to do their bloody business, we felt then, as we do now, that making our point and exposing Planned Parenthood at the same time is well worth the effort.

But the business of aborting children has effectively changed the way young people view the preborn child. This has happened, at least in one recent case that we have seen, in ways that make one sick to the point of physical illness.

This past week in Bakersfield, California, the parents of a 30-week-old preborn child agreed to take actions that would result in the death of their baby. The manner chosen was the father punching the child's mother in her abdomen, where the baby was growing, so that the baby could not survive. "Police say she told them he struck her stomach with his fists "at least 10 times," and squeezed her, after which she 'stopped feeling the baby move.'"

If you read this and are reeling from the very idea of it as we did, then you really won't believe what happened next.

According to one report "A baby died May 24 at Kern Medical after being pulled from the womb with a fractured skull. Police believe the baby girl's parents are to blame, but the case has presented a legal conundrum eliciting strong opinions about how to proceed. … Murder charges will also not be pursued if 'the act was solicited, aided, abetted, or consented to by the mother of the fetus.'"

A second report comes to the same conclusion, opining

After the medical team became skeptical of the mother's story - he said she fell while mopping to explain the "severe bruising" on her stomach - she eventually confessed to the plot with her boyfriend.

In other words, the two conspired together and executed a plot to kill a seven-and-a-half-month-old baby inside the womb.

In a morally-just world, these two would be charged.

But they likely won't be, for the mother consented to the murder of her child, thus linking it to legalized abortion reality (and "choice" talking points), and somehow making it an acceptable act that would bypass such charges.

Deputy District Attorney Gina Pearl told Eyewitness Newsthat the "case is complicated" and is still being "investigated."

You see, the so-called "right" to abortion, which is one of the rallying cries of the culture of death, is probably going to result in this little baby girl going to her grave without justice because, just like her aborted brothers and sisters who died at the hands of a paid abortionist, she will not be recognized as a child whose life had value.

This very sad story represents reality in our culture today. When innocent children are viewed as problems in need of solutions, we all know what happens next.

If we are ever going to experience a renewal in respect for the dignity of the human person, we must never forget these words written by a man who understands the challenges we face. He wrote "Not until men and women begin to understand that they are bodily and spiritual beings, moral agents whose bodies must always be used to speak the language of truth, will we see the terrifyingly steep moral descent of America begin to flatten out."

The battle we wage against those who would destroy the innocent, whether by chemical or suction, butchery or beating, will not stop until human beings stop seeing themselves as gods.

The descent of America is upon us - let us pray and work to stop it.