Planned Parenthood's Sinister Intent

Judie Brown
January 26, 2018
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

Planned Parenthood is no stranger to the art of saying one thing while intending something awful in place of the good it purports to do. There are so many examples of this one could write a book, but last week's news gives us plenty of talking points for this narrative.

The mind-blowing rhetoric of PP president Cecile Richards says it all. In a speech to women, Richards revealed the organization's goal of uniting all women into a "sisterhood" of "women of color, transgender women, rural and urban women" to fight for reproductive rights in the political arena and everywhere.

Richards did not explain that her concept of a sisterhood does not include her preborn sisters. This could never be, as Richards is an advocate of all abortion, regardless of the gender of the murdered baby.

We see an example of this in Utah, where Planned Parenthood has publicly criticized a lawmaker's proposal that would prohibit doctors from aborting children who have been prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome. Those who favor the proposal, including Utah representative Karianne Lisonbee, have said that "such abortions discriminate against a group of people who have a right to exist." According to Lisonbee, "It is a eugenic-like eradication that is happening with a greater frequency worldwide."

Planned Parenthood, however, disagrees, arguing that such proposals do not protect those with Down syndrome but rather restrict access to abortion. In other words, Planned Parenthood contends that any abortion for any reason must be protected by law no matter what.

In another example, in Arkansas, Planned Parenthood is up in arms because the legislature has cut off its funding! As Planned Parenthood always does, it has taken its plea for funding directly to the court, arguing that "the defunding move violates the constitutional rights of Planned Parenthood and its Medicaid patients."

While Planned Parenthood's public argument is that its constitutional rights to provide care for Medicaid patients is being violated, the truth is that Planned Parenthood wants the taxpayers of Arkansas to pay for its abortion business. Planned Parenthood never admits to its agenda, of course, but we know what it is. This is why, unlike the last time Planned Parenthood went to court in Arkansas over the same question, the organization filed the lawsuit itself rather than having Medicaid patients do it, as was the case in August of last year.

What these situations bring to our attention is the simple fact that, for Planned Parenthood, protecting its alleged constitutional right to kill the preborn and do its business at taxpayer expense know no bounds. Not only is the organization bloodthirsty, but it is devilishly clever in the way it argues in court for one thing while having another in mind.

Hopefully more and more lawmakers will see the truth and cut off PP's funding. Period. After all, no taxpayer should be obligated to fund such a deadly business.

The longer that Planned Parenthood is left to its devices, the longer its sinister intent to​ kill the preborn and destroy women and families​ will continue unchecked​.