The Turkey Vulture Scandal

Judie Brown
November 10, 2017
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

The Los Angeles Times recently reported that five turkey vultures were found dead, poisoned by a drug used by veterinarians to euthanize animals. The report also tells us that turkey vultures are protected by federal and state laws .

Contrast this protection of birds to the lack of protection of preborn babies and you will see what's wrong with our society.

Though the Los Angeles Times reported on deceased turkey vultures, it has not reported that abortion facilities in Texas are arguing in court right now that the law should protect their practice of dismembering preborn babies.

Furthermore, mainstream media is not exposing the effort to get rid of the infamous Obamacare provision that authorized an Independent Payment Advisory Board - a group of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats that could one day be empowered to implement healthcare rationing. Just a few days ago the House of Representatives voted to repeal the portion of the Obamacare law that empowers IPAB by passing H.R. 849 , the Protecting Seniors Access to Medicare Act of 2017.

The question I ask when I see articles like the one above is: Are turkey vultures more important than human beings? To some, they are. Such skewed thinking has led to demonizing valiant people like David Daleiden and Jim Sedlak , while extolling the deadly virtues of organizations like Planned Parenthood . It is this very same callous disregard for human beings that has misled so many of our fellow Americans by employing propaganda techniques over and over again.

The victims of such deception repeat the lies they have learned. One such individual wrote in her local newspaper that "medical aid in dying and death with dignity" are terms that should not be confused with "euthanasia." In other words, helping the dying to take their own lives is not the same as relying on another person to do the dirty deed! Tell that to the dead father of the pharmacist in England who murdered him by giving him a fruit smoothie laced with morphine, and then said what he did was assisted suicide!

And what about the woman who wrote in her local Texas newspaper that she is a lifelong Democrat, a Christian, and someone who believes that "the assertion that the termination of a pregnancy is murder is a matter of belief not fact"? Her letter is filled with pro-abortion ideology without a single scientific or biblically-based truth. Yet that is what she believes. Society's effort to normalize aborting children while criminalizing the killing of a turkey vulture has brainwashed far too many.

This is our culture; this grave injustice won't go away unless we do something. It's time for a reality check.

As long as the vast majority of Americans remain silent or believe the ideas propagated by the cultural elite, the future of humanity is in deep trouble.

Let's end this charade. Here's how:

Pray for America.

Teach your children that human dignity and respect for life begins at the beginning and never ends regardless of age, health, or condition of dependency.

Expose the lies and learn why organizations like Planned Parenthood should never receive our tax dollars to peddle their ideology.

Get involved in your community by serving a local pregnancy care center or protesting at the local abortion mill. Spread the good news that people of every age from creation to death deserve to be protected with more justice than that meted out to a turkey vulture.