A Pile of Dead People

Judie Brown
August 18, 2017
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

The ghastly headline read "Reporter Describes Pile of Small Limbs from Aborted Babies." As queasy as I felt reading that headline, I instinctively knew that the reporter who originally wrote about these second trimester abortions and the human remains of the babies killed by abortion must have been someone convinced that those limbs did not come from the bodies of dead people - human beings like you and me.

The point is, just like the awful photos of piles of dead bodies from Nazi death camps, the remains from completed abortions are not real to such people. They do not represent horror to those doing the killing, and thus the babies, like the Holocaust victims in the 1940s, die cruel deaths at the hands of the callous practitioners of their legally protected trade.

But the arrogance of such heartless individuals does not stop with abortionists. We see countless examples of this heartlessness in today's society.

As the bastion of all things feminist, Ms. Magazine reports that when former expectant mothers who have aborted their own babies tell their stories, they are actually helping others understand and accept abortion! Oh really? In that article, which was an interview with researcher Kate Cockrill, the bottom line is that legitimizing abortion as just another "reproductive matter" is allegedly good for women.

In addition, America has politicians like Chris Cuomo saying that abortion has nothing to do with science because nobody knows when life begins! How could anyone think this in 2017?

Then we see female practitioners like millionaire abortionist Merle Hoffman who are happy to tell anyone anywhere in the world about the business that has made them so wealthy.

I see no logic in any of this. What's scary is that people like Cockrill, Cuomo, and Hoffman are teaching and influencing our children. When we consider that there are really abortionists who have no problem killing, and educators who have no qualms about teaching that abortion is acceptable, what do we expect? This does not bode well for building a culture of life.

This is why American Life League works so hard to develop educational materials through our Culture of Life Studies Program . Our program teaches k-12th grade students the truth about the science, which tells us unequivocally that a human being exists from his beginning. In fact, we teach that truth with a simple coloring book ! Maybe we should send one to Cuomo, Cockrill, Hoffman, and others who seem so hell-bent on excusing the killing!

Stories like these about real people doing and saying such horrible things remind me of the story of a Jesuit priest named Father Alfred Delp who died in a Nazi concentration camp when he was just 37 years old. An online biographical snippet says:

On July 28, 1944, Delp was arrested and taken to prison. He was 37 years old. He endured nine weeks of interrogation as well as beatings and psychological pressure to abandon the Jesuits for the Nazis, followed by four months of solitary confinement. On February 2, 1945, he was executed by strangulation at the Plotzensee prison, just outside of Berlin.

Father Delp wrote much from his prison cell, including this:

Whoever is true to life, however hard and barren it may be, will discover in himself fountains of very real refreshment. The world will give him more than he ever imagined possible. The silver threads of God's mystery will begin to sparkle visibly in everything around him and there will be a song in his heart. . . . Let us trust in life because we do not have to live through it alone. God is with us.

May these profound words inspire each of us to never stop defending the defenseless, lest the pile of dead people go unnoticed and forgotten.