Pandemic of Hate

Judie Brown
August 25, 2017
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

The news media's ongoing discussion of racism and hate speech has become nothing more than white noise, with conversation and debate fueled by political rhetoric rather than by an honest analysis of the root causes of man's disdain for his fellow man.

Unlike the press, American Life League understands the problem and knows the real story. The real story is that hate speech, detestable acts, and all manner of contempt toward persons of a different race, creed, or condition of dependency are due to the absence of respect that is due to every person - born and preborn. Such caustic acts and words are the fruit of man's abandonment of unselfish love.

Sadly, in many instances, ego and unbridled thirst for worldly power have replaced human kindness. Such appetites have created an environment throughout our world devoid of the spirit of love - and devoid of Christ Himself.

One does not have to look hard to see the signs. In Iceland , "close to 100 percent of couples who received a positive test for Down syndrome decided to abort." Apparently welcoming a baby regardless of his condition is not something couples are willing to do. We are not far behind here in the US, as nearly 92 percent of all preborn children diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted.

Yet babies aren't the only ones dying during an abortion. Here in the US, mothers are dying when they pay an abortionist to kill their own children. It happened in New Mexico recently, and it has happened in other places as well.

In addition, documented proof substantiates the fact that the birth control pill has been responsible for women's deaths . And if that is not enough, those same pills can kill preborn babies during their first days of life.

Are any of these facts public knowledge? Have you seen major news reports about these results of hate toward others? Proponents of abortion are perhaps the worst racists in the nation today! But we rarely see this making the nightly news. As author Brian Fisher wrote : "If you consider yourself a person who's concerned about racial reconciliation, you can't possibly achieve that reconciliation until you deal directly, openly, and accurately with abortion's bloody reign of terror on America and, in particular, its minority communities. Racism is alive and well in our country, and its primary weapon is abortion."

Read: Racism and Abortion, Part 1 by Brian Fisher:

We have not even addressed the horrors of euthanasia and disdain for the elderly and infirm, which are spreading their tentacles everywhere, including China, where recently a son repeatedly slapped his elderly father who suffers from dementia because the man was allegedly not acting properly!

The world has become a place where practitioners rip baby's bodies apart and people physically abuse the elderly. Selfishness drives people to look upon others with disdain and disgust. All of this makes us realize the truth behind the New York Times headline which states that "Assisted Suicide Laws Are a Recipe for Elder Abuse."

The reasons such horrors continue are all part of the pandemic of hate that has consumed not only this nation, but the entire world.

Politicians, opinion pollsters, commentators, and others laboriously opine about everything under the sun, but they forget this simple truth: Man is losing his ability to love others before himself.

Pope Benedict XVI wrote that "the search for love and truth is purified and liberated by Jesus Christ from the impoverishment that our humanity brings to it, and he reveals to us in all its fullness the initiative of love and the plan for true life that God has prepared for us." This truth is not welcome in America. If it were, our nation would set an example for the world that hatred is never welcome here. Instead, it is not only welcome, but raging at a pandemic rate.

The antidote, and the only response that will stem this cruel tide, is Christ. If we are to turn hearts of stone into hearts beating with selfless love for our fellow human beings, we must grow in faith. We need to, as Pope Benedict XVI said , "reach out and to receive freely the gift of God, to trust in Jesus, and cry out, 'Give us the faith; help us find our way.'"

Let us pray, learn facts , and educate others . Let us do what is necessary to show people that the answers to this pandemic of hate are only found in Christ and in His unconditional love for every human being. It is only then that we will all find our way.