When a Human Being Is Not

Judie Brown
March 4, 2014
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, is dumb like a fox. When recently asked at what point a human being becomes a human being, she stated, "This is a question that I think will be debated through the centuries, and people come down on very different points of view on that."

When pressed on the question, Richards finally said, "I'm a mother of three children. Um, for me, life began when I delivered them."

Okay, so didn't she really have to say that given that her organization advocates procuring abortion by any means right up until the moment of birth? Yet, really, how could anyone in this day and age say such a thing with a straight face?

But the single most mind-boggling comment she made was that the question of when life begins is not really relevant to abortion! In Richards' world, apparently, abortion is nigh on no more than getting a manicure.

This is evidenced by the words of a former Planned Parenthood nurse during an interview: "Employees at the abortion facility in Indianapolis view abortion as a 'rite of passage,' and described the institution as an 'evil and sad place to work,' revealing some of the disturbing behavior of its doctors," including the doctor in the products of conception room who talked to the body parts of a dismembered baby as he was putting the pieces together to make sure that nothing had been left behind in the expectant mother's womb.

The topsy-turvy world that has been created by the child killers touches families in very sad ways and from time to time we get a glimpse of exactly how dastardly the effects of these people and their hold on the culture can be. Take for example the case of baby Brady Surovik.

On July 5th, 2012, Heather Surovik was driving her car with her two young sons and her mother when they were hit by a drunk driver. When she woke up in the ICU, she knew something was wrong when she saw her parents crying. She was right. Her son Brady had been killed in the accident.

But the drunk driver was not charged with Brady's death.

Why? Because Brady had never taken a breath. Heather was 8 months pregnant and carrying his 8 pound 2 oz perfectly formed body still inside of her while on the way home from her last prenatal appointment before his expected birth. The horrific accident left her injured and took her son, but the law of Colorado did not recognize his life.

Such a story reminds us that the fragile life of a human being prior to birth is constantly under assault as the world looks on with growing apathy. In fact, Brady's story never earned a national headline; we can be assured his story is not the only one.

Whether coming from the mouth of a political person like Richards or quoting from Live Action headlines, the message is the same: There are an ever-growing number of lives not worthy of respect in America.

Denial and obfuscation have paved the way for such inanity. But there is hope, for as long as pro-life Americans are committed to the truth and the proper use of the opportunities they do have "to right the unrightable wrong" in our midst, all is not lost.

The burden on those of us who do this is immense. We must take the greatest care never to leave a single baby behind in our legislative work, our educational projects, and in our discussions with others.

Never forget: A single human being's life begins at the actual beginning and ends when death occurs.

A human being is not dispensable for any reason, whether created exually or asexuallys. A human being is not disposable, whether living in a petri dish, a fallopian tube, the womb, or a nursing home.

When a human being is not? When we give up the fight or get sloppy in our quest for total protection for all innocent human beings.