Obama Healthcare Law Sentences the Innocent to Death

Judie Brown
November 15, 2013
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

To be honest, after writing about the Department of Death with Dignity that Obama and his underlings have built into nationalized healthcare, we thought our job on the subject was over.

But no, of course not! There is even more bad news coming our way. A brainy member of our staff just informed us of this little known fact of fundamental mathematics:

106,185 people managed to enroll into Obamacare in the month of October (officially). So if my back-of-the-envelope math is right, it will only take 91,645 days, or 251 years or so, to enroll everyone in America. No wonder the contraception mandate was so important! They don't want us to have any kids, or they'll never catch up!

This exposes the whole ugly truth of what is contained in the actual law of the land. The mandate itself, which is advertised as dealing only with availability of contraception in healthcare plans for companies - including nonprofits with ties to Christian parent entities - actually deals with approval of chemical abortion. Skeptics claim that there is debate about when a human being's life begins, yet there is confirmation from the Encyclopedia of Birth Control that "abortifacients, whether chemicals or objects, cause abortions, the termination of a pregnancy. However, because the definition of pregnancy varies, opinions vary greatly over just which contraceptives or fertility control methods involve abortifacients."

Well only those who favor abortion on demand actually debate the unequivocal scientific facts regarding the beginning of pregnancy. This would include, of course, those who believe in the sophistry currently marketed by Obama and his followers. In other words, the forces behind the "mandate."

The science, as found in the Carnegie Stages of Human Development, verifies the facts. The science does not lie. What it does prove is that the chemicals and devices mentioned in the mandate do have the possibility of killing human beings during the first seven or eight days of life. As the embryo travels to the wall of his mother's womb to implant himself, there is a chance that the birth control chemical or device can kill him by denying access to the lining of the womb. This happens because those chemicals and devices have several modes of action, including the thinning of the uterine wall. If that occurs, the embryo cannot implant and he dies of starvation. This is an early day abortion.

On top of that cruel fact about the Obama mandate, we also know now that surgical abortion is covered as well. "As LifeNews has reported, it's virtually impossible to find out if any of the healthcare plans offered in the Obamacare exchanges pay for abortions with your tax dollars or premiums. In the 27 states that allow plans to cover elective abortion on the exchanges, most consumers will have to spend countless hours of searching to determine which plans are abortion-free."

This is not what America was told would happen when marketers sold the law to the public prior to its passage. In fact, none of this was defined, discussed, or properly explained to Americans or, I dare say, to most of our elected officials. Remember that famous quote from pro-abortion Catholic Nancy Pelosi: "But we have to pass the [healthcare] bill so that you can find out what's in it."

In the case of Obamacare, Ms. Pelosi, ignorance is not bliss.

Americans are going to die in numbers that nobody can estimate. They will pass from this life in the first hours of life and near the end as well, all at the expense of each and every taxpayer in our nation.

History may well record, in view of the facts we set forth here, that The Affordable Care Act, Obama's signature legislation, turned out to be even more deadly than the gas chambers of World War II.