The Miracle of Human Creation

Judie Brown
November 8, 2013
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

Recently a remarkable new video came to our attention, thanks to the watchful eye of crack pro-life news blogger, Jill Stanek. The video is entitled The Miracle of Human Creation and shows the wonder of life from its very beginning.

Stanek's recommendation was that this video represents an excellent way to teach children where babies come from, at least those whose lives begin the way nature intended - at fertilization.

And I would add that this video represents a refresher course for pro-life leaders, tacticians, strategists, and all those who persist in falsifying when and how human beings begin their journey. There is no such thing, as this video affirms, as someone beginning his life "in the womb."

The undeniable facts in this video confirm that any chemical or device that interferes with the human being prior to implantation in his mother's womb is, in fact, an abortion agent. While some pro-lifers have attempted to avoid discussing these types of abortion, The Miracle of Human Creation makes it clear that most human beings begin at the beginning, not at implantation or sometime thereafter.

Professor Dianne Irving, Ph.D., M.A., circulated the link to this video with these comments:

"This video, portraying normal sexual reproduction (fertilization) within the woman's body, is truly thrilling and superb! Wouldn't it be nice to see a similar video showing asexual reproduction - both in the woman's body with natural identical "twinning," as well as outside her body - in petri dishes in IVF and ART research laboratories and 'infertility' clinics? Maybe, next!"

Yes, it would be a great boon to the pro-life educational effort if there were a video that provided an accurate account of how asexually created individuals come into being. And I dare say such a video would be equally as amazing if not more so. We suggest this because, as The Miracle of Human Creation makes clear, teaching the truth with such beauty is never out of vogue.

When using this video for education purposes, Professor Irving suggested that viewers follow along with each Carnegie Stage for the first eight weeks. You can access the URLs at:

Most interesting is Dr. Irving's insight dealing with the facts regarding when human persons actually begin their journey after sexual procreation:

The video demonstrates first that a new sexually reproduced human being is neither the father's sperm nor the mother's oocyte ("egg") - but a combination of both - and shows them coming together in the mother's fallopian tube (not in her uterus!). While in the fallopian tube, the sperm penetrates and fuses with the oocyte - the beginning of the new single-cell human organism called the "primitive" embryo (Carnegie Stage 1a), followed by the next phase called the "ootid," when the male and female nuclei are formed but remain separate (Carnegie Stage 1b), and finally when the zygote phase takes place (Carnegie Stage 1c).

Note that the zygote has no nucleus; it immediately splits into two cells, the beginning of Carnegie Stage 2.

And as hard as it seems it is for many, the embryo formed from Stage 1a and throughout all the developmental stages that follow is how human beings normally look! We are not little perfectly "preformed" homunculi who look like miniature adult human beings during all of this development!

The video then depicts this new human being moving through the fallopian tube toward the mother's uterus (which takes about a week) growing bigger and bigger, and at the multi-celled "free blastocyst" Stage 3 shows the embryo shedding the outer "shell" (called "hatching"), and then implanting into the mother's uterus (blastocyst Stage 4, the multi-celled "implanting" blastocyst).

The video then shows the various Carnegie Stages as the human embryo develops through the first eight weeks post-fertilization - and, that too is how human beings are supposed to look at those early developing stages! After eight weeks, the embryo moves into the "fetal period" of development - and this video vividly shows how incredibly complex the entire process is. Truly a miracle.

The only thing we can add to Dr. Irving's enthusiastic explanation is that to fail to watch this video and share it with others is to fail in our obligation to spread the truth and teach that truth accurately.