A Gosnell Lesson

Judie Brown
May 17, 2013
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

The dust has settled now; a brutal killer has been found guilty of murder. The cowardly abortionist chose life in prison instead of appealing his case, thus avoiding the possibility of facing the death penalty, and life goes on.

But in a very real sense, life will never be the same again - not for the families of the dead or for those left behind in the wake of his brutality.

And at a more fundamental level, this tragic story of one abortion practitioner should not disappear without some soul-searching on the part of each and every American. The fundamental question about this case that nobody wants to address is the irony of it.

If Kermit Gosnell had successfully murdered these three children moments earlier, it would have been nothing more than abortion as usual. Nobody would have taken note. Nobody ever does.

Late-term abortion is not uncommon, no matter how many regulatory laws are in place. My goodness, these practitioners even have their own website! But that is not my point.

America looked, in some cases, for a brief second at the dastardly acts of one man and felt shock because of the barbarism of what he had done and the nonchalance with which he conducted himself. He even laughed during one of his killings as though his acts were, in some distorted sense, comedic.

As we witnessed this case unfold, much like the hearings on LeRoy Carhart's version of infanticide and Kenneth Edelin's court case before him, we saw a portrait of our nation that should disturb the very fiber of every American's being.

But it should further provoke a few thoughts, the most fundamental of which is why we are shocked by the actions of Kermit Gosnell but not by a government that will hand over the dangerous, sometimes abortive, Plan B pill to our fifteen-year-old children.

Clearly the end result of what Gosnell did and what a child who ingests this pill or any birth control pill may do to her own baby is unmistakable: A human being will die. The older child will die because of a surgical instrument or a pair of scissors, while the younger child will die because a chemical assault weapon has been ingested by his mother.

While the medical community, for the most part, will not admit to this aspect of the pill's action in a female body, the facts speak for themselves. And the child who dies at seven days gestational age is just as dead as Gosnell's victims.

One of the reasons the abortion industry has flourished for the past 40 years is because most people do not see that no matter when a human being dies before or during birth, the tragedy is just as real. A person who might have lived among us is snuffed out.

It all comes down to this: When is a human being not so human? When is a child not really a child?

The wave of the future includes chemical and medical abortion murders, not surgical Gosnell-type murders. Nobody sees the victims of those killings; they never have.

It's up to us to change that.