Where Have All the Children Gone

Judie Brown
April 2, 2013
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

Chicago, Illinois, is known for a lot of not-so-fabulous statistics.

The windy city is known as a city where gun violence is an epidemic. Gun deaths in 2012 were 16 percent higher than the previous year - and the numbers continue to grow. Chicago's overall crime rate reflects classifications for over 30 types of crime.

And now we have learned that Chicago's "public school district faces a $1 billion shortfall, and the mayor says many of the city's school buildings are half empty." The solution, as announced recently, is to close 54 public schools before the next school term begins in the fall of 2013. Parents are outraged, but the city is in a position that apparently has no short-term solution.

Yet, if one looks beneath the surface, there is another interesting - if not grotesque - statistic that nobody in Chicago is discussing.

What might that be? The abortion rate for the Chicago metro area, which includes the counties of Cook, Kane, Will, Kendall, DuPage, Lake, and McHenry. If all of the abortions in these counties are added together for six years ending in 2011, we are talking about 181,717 dead preborn babies.* Meanwhile, the student population in Chicago schools between 2000-2013 has declined by 145,000 students.

And which union is counted among the nation's pro-abortion unions? The teachers' union of course, which is ironic because, as these 54 Chicago-area schools close, numerous teachers will lose their jobs.

The facts are clear. And let's face it, when one in three pregnancies ends in the death of the preborn child nationwide, it is no surprise that there is a decline in student numbers no matter what school district one is examining. But of course when it comes to crime statistics, the act of abortion is never tabulated because the act itself is protected by the law.

Be that as it may, the facts are clear. America is on the decline and one of the major reasons is the wholesale killing of innocent babies prior to birth.

There are those, of course, who argue that a decline in population is a good thing because, they say, we have been "overpopulated," which is bad for the environment and natural resources. But experts on this subject beg to differ. For example, "In 1971, Simon Smith Kuznets won the Nobel Prize in economics for his theory of 'tested knowledge.'" He explained: "More population means more creators and producers, both of goods along established production patterns and of new knowledge and inventions." According to CBS News, "Kuznets was codifying what others had noticed before. Adam Smith remarked that 'the most decisive mark of the prosperity of any country is the increase of the number of its inhabitants.' As Livi-Bacci observes, 'All things being equal, population increase leads to increased per capita production.'"

And, as we are seeing in Chicago and elsewhere, a population dearth has extremely negative effects on many aspects of what Americans have grown to take for granted, including the convenient education of their children in public schools.

Prior to the 2012 elections, Michael O'Halloran opined,

The bad economy is a symptom and not a cause. When massive numbers of American citizens cannot make up their minds to decisively reject the massacre of their own children, when they watch indifferently as millions of their fellow countrymen are barbarously torn limb from limb, when they become selfish materialists who reject the value of human life in favor of acquiring material wealth, when they prefer political platforms based on promises of that material wealth and overlook the same platforms' support for infant-slaughter, and when they vote for a politician who doesn't want his daughters "punished" with a baby because this infanticidal wretch promises to protect their finances with delusional promises of "hope and change," then all of this discloses a moral corruption among the populace whose own destructive behavior will decimate the country far sooner and more thoroughly than any inadequate stimulus plan.

The facts are clear. Unless and until we choose to have babies, protect the nuclear family, and restore moral sanity to our nation, events like those in the Chicago public school system will escalate. There is no doubt about it.