Abortion and America's Dirty Little Secret

Judie Brown
January 25, 2013
Reproduced with Permission

Not too long ago Bill O'Reilly made the astute observation that Americans are the ones responsible for the chaos that is currently enveloping this nation.

While O'Reilly was not talking about moral chaos, the fact is that the national crisis of conscience is at the foundation of all that ails America.

For example, we cannot blame the Obama administration for our own failure as pro-life Americans to enunciate honestly how to confront a fundamental moral error like that of sanctioning the direct killing of innocent children. We are as a culture blind to reality, preferring instead to label deadly actions as mere personal preferences. If this were not so, Bill Clinton would never have been chosen " Father of the Year ," President Obama would not have been chosen " Person of the Year " and Vice President Joseph Biden would not be calling himself Catholic and having a private Catholic Mass celebrated in his home prior to being sworn in as vice president this past Monday.

Presidents Clinton and Obama are poster boys for decriminalized abortion, as is the vice president who has also distinguished himself as being capable of defying Catholic doctrine without a single word of admonishment being uttered by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. It would seem that no disgrace is worthy of attention these days.

And who is to blame for such flagrant abuses of humanity and Christ Himself? We are; the people are responsible. Here are the facts.

America just reelected the most pro-abortion president in the history of our nation - and more than 50 percent of Catholic voters helped make this happen.

Yet today, January 25, thousands of Americans will defy the chilling cold temperatures in Washington, D.C. to stand in solidarity with the preborn baby and decry the act of abortion and the Supreme Court decisions that have facilitated it.

The thought that comes to mind is not a pleasant one, for I have to ask myself how many of those who stand in the freezing cold are really against every single act of abortion, every act of contraception, and every in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure. I would hazard a guess that there are not many at all.

Whether it is because of ignorance or political posturing, even the term pro-life has become meaningless. And that is our fault.

As Pogo once said, we have met the enemy and he is us.

It's the people who are responsible for the disconnection between what is true and what is public perception. Pro-life apologists have muddied the waters. Each of us as a united body of leaders has not been definitive in explaining that whether a surgical abortion is the result of rape, incest, or described as necessary to save the life of the mother, no abortion is acceptable.

We have not spoken about the evils of contraception as being the taproot of the abortion culture in this nation.

We have not moved heaven and earth politically to stop the practice of in vitro fertilization, which results in the deaths of only God knows how many preborn children during their first moments or hours of life.

So as we mourn the demise of countless millions of our fellow brothers and sisters on this tragic day, we must also resolve to stop the madness, the deception, and the politicking within our movement.

No more fabricated claims such as the polls stating that most Americans are pro-life. The right questions are never asked!

My heart aches for this moral crisis and for this nation. My suspicion is that America's dirty little secret - lack of faith in God - is robbing us of our ability to be courageous and demand honesty from ourselves and others.

We are weak because we have failed to put our trust in God; instead we placed it in ourselves and our own perceived intellectual prowess.

On this 40th commemoration of the nation's most deadly Supreme Court action, it is time to ask ourselves what it will take to achieve victory.

We may well find that the answer is quite simply prayer, fasting, and revival.