Planned Parenthood's Latest Twist

Judie Brown
January 15, 2013
Reproduced with Permission

The new year has just gotten started and already the nation's major enemy of human dignity is up to something suspicious.

With the announcement that it no longer believes women are comfortable with the "pro-choice" label being affixed to their reproductive health decisions, Planned Parenthood has announced that it is moving away from the slogan. Apparently the idea that, according to some polls, there is less acceptance of abortion in America does not sit well with the abortion giant.

BuzzFeed reports, "Planned Parenthood executive vice president Dawn Laguens said the word 'choice' itself might be causing problems. 'When "choice" got assigned,' she explained, 'women didn't have as many choices' in any area of their lives. Now that women have more rights and freedoms, she said, 'maybe "choice" as [a] word sounds frivolous.'"

My goodness! What is this? Could it be true that Planned Parenthood is so fixated on increasing its client count that its administration has come to a decision that they all must be more deceptive in their sales techniques?

Absolutely! In fact, Jill Stanek opined, "As elements of the pro-life movement aim for more specificity, PP will aim for even less, trying to reshift an already shifty debate away from its prized morally relativist term, which, thanks to pro-life efforts is no longer relativist but negative, to morally relativist dialogue."

It seems to us that what is really at work here is not larger doses of moral relativism, but rather an escalating attempt on the part of the nation's abortion giant to disabuse women of self respect. Playing on its penchant for evil, Planned Parenthood is committed to ensuring that women understand as little as possible about their fertility, their ability to bear children, and their capability to provide a preborn child unconditional love - no matter what the sacrifices might be.

In other words, the new Planned Parenthood motto might well be "Fertility is a disease." Allison LeDoux discusses this exact worldview in an article aimed at explaining why having a baby is, indeed, a blessing, yet how our country - aided by specific organizations - came to arrive at the opposite conclusion.

This may sound a bit crass, but let's be honest here. First of all, as the latest Stop Planned Parenthood International exposé makes clear, Planned Parenthood has raked in more than $6.8 billion taxpayer dollars over the past 49 years. In fact, the annual amount continues to grow regardless of which political party is in charge. Sex sells, and Planned Parenthood knows it.

The organization continues to be the leading purveyor of smut, contraception, sterilization, and abortion without ever admitting to marketing "services" that result in the death of an innocent human being.

It is equally distressing to note that few in positions of authority are willing to expose these facts and get the government out of the sex business. In fact, since President Obama is Planned Parenthood's number one cheerleader, we can only expect things to get worse.

When Students for Life president Kristan Hawkins suggested that Obama's birth control mandate labeled pregnancy as a disease, few took note. But we did. And now we think it only appropriate that Planned Parenthood carry it one step further and warn women that their fertility is really an enemy to the goal of sexual pleasure at all costs.

Maybe one day women will wake up and realize that they are nothing but dupes in Planned Parenthood's shell game. If not, the cultural journey toward Gomorrah will continue as motherhood decays and babies die.