Planned Parenthood wishes you 'Happy Masturbation Month'

Judie Brown
by Rita Diller
Reproduced with Permission

When Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida tweeted "Happy Masturbation Month" to drive young people to its disgraceful website to encourage and teach the specifics of masturbation, it wasn't an original idea.

According to an equally disgusting article found on Wikipedia, "Masturbation Month" was coined by the owner of a San Francisco sex-toy shop in 1995. People are encouraged not only to masturbate, but to get others to sponsor their masturbation "as a fundraiser for charities with a sex-positive focus." Sure sounds like they had Planned Parenthood in mind from the beginning.

Since 1999, there has been a "Masturbate-a-thon" with the slogan "Come for a Cause." The slogan was coined by the founder of another sex-toy shop, Babeland, with branches in Seattle, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. The article lists current time records indicating duration (length of time for which a participant masturbated) to raise money for "non-profit" sex businesses like Planned Parenthood, who in turn promote masturbation to the young people that they have access to through our tax dollars. Those young people in turn will fuel the profit boxes of the sex-toy shops. It's all intricately tied to Planned Parenthood's plan to Hook Kids on Sex, and eventually cash in on the consequences of that sex.

As Jim Sedlak often says, Planned Parenthood is an organization that makes its money from people involved in sex. Repeated masturbation has psychological effects on the kids as it gets them "hooked" on sexual stimulation as a way to escape their problems. When kids 6-10 repeatedly engage in masturbation, it actually interferes with their ability to develop compassion and their ability to learn.

Masturbation is the "gateway drug" to wider sexual experimentation. Kids begin to want additional sexual experiences and Planned Parenthood is there to sell them birth control, STD treatments, and abortions when they make that transition - and to make millions from them as they ascent more and more to Planned Parenthood's plan for them.

Of course, the fact that masturbation is considered a sin by many religions is totally ignored by Planned Parenthood. The fact that May is the month of Mary, it seems, makes the abortion giant all the more eager to defile that month.

As Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) observed in 2003, one of the great errors of believers today is to "feel at ease with sin." As a result, the heart "becomes blind, ceases to seek God, does not desire grace, and does not feel any repentance."

We must pray for our children and for the people at Planned Parenthood. Satan has them on a path to hell.