Destroy the family and you will destroy the nation

Judie Brown
by Rita Diller
May 10, 2012
Reproduced with Permission

In the midst of what has been described as a demographic winter - a time of devastating population decline that envelops all developed countries and threatens emerging nations - Planned Parenthood streaks forth from its cloud of social engineering that has, in fact, landed us in the birth dearth we are in today.

Relying on the bogus '60s and '70s era argument put forth by both non-demographers and the media that warns of an impending population explosion, Planned Parenthood insists that birth control and sterilization should be provided free to all to further reduce the declining population. And it uses our government to force the Catholic Church to assist with increased birth control saturation of our society or suffer steep fines. This organization that is intent on destroying any vestiges of family life as we know it is paving the road to economic disaster as well.

Relying on the fact that families with children are busy and not inclined to enter the political arena, Planned Parenthood and other special interest groups that oppose traditional family structure, family values, and morality heavily lobby federal and state governments for more and more money to prop up policies and programs that run contra to the well-being of the family and discourage child-bearing, thus setting the stage for family and economic collapse.

Drawing upon the expertise of demographic experts from around the world, the movie Demographic Winter - The decline of the human family, sends a warning to the world that a society that loses respect for the family is a society that will face devastation. Among the more salient points it makes are these:

Gary Becker, Ph.D., Nobel Prize in Economics winner in 1992, points to Adam Smith, calling him "probably the greatest of all economists." Smith wrote that prosperity is associated with growing populations, while economic depression is associated with declining populations.

According to experts, the sexual revolution - planted, nurtured, and brought to fulfillment by Planned Parenthood and its cohorts - had the biggest impact on population because it changed the way people thought about sex, marriage, childbearing, and work. Most notably, it sent the family into moral and physical decline.

Eliminating Planned Parenthood is essential to restoring respect for motherhood and restoring healthy families.