Swimming in what we do not recognize: Planned Parenthood's deadly sea of 'sexualityism'

Judie Brown
by Rita Diller
May 3, 2012
Reproduced with Permission

Just as fish swim in the water that surrounds them without recognizing that they are in water, so are we "swimming" - perhaps drowning - in a cultural milieu that millions do not realize exists.

The culture in which we live today - the culture we bring our children into - is toxic to morality, to Christianity, and to family values. Planned Parenthood has, for decades, stealthily labored at building networks of deception in the dark shadows to bring us to this point. The abortion giant is now attempting to drive a stake through the heart of the Catholic Church and religious freedom under the darkness of this murky cultural mess it has created - which has recently been referred to "sexualityism."

Harvard professor Lant Pritchett explains that sexualityism says that the expression of human sexuality is in and of itself a positive good, and limitations on that expression are in and of themselves bad. The influence of sexualityism upon our culture is profound.

Helen Alvaré expounded on that idea recently in a keynote lecture at the University of Steubenville. Alvaré is associate professor of law at George Mason University School of Law and an advisor to the Pontifical Academy on Laity.

When it became clear that population was not the main force driving poverty, and that people were not having fewer children with more contraception or more children with less contraception, Alvaré said the U.S. continued to make birth control the leading edge of its foreign assistance. Why? Because sexual expression is perceived in the U.S. culture as the essence of freedom, and "you had to make birth control available full stop, even if it had no impact on poverty or population." It is simply about a version of human freedom in which sex is used to express oneself, to create one's identity, and must not be connected to having children.

"The human outcomes of sexualityism are taking their toll," Alvaré said, "particularly on the very groups that they were made for: women and those least privileged." She lists a among those outcomes:

Planned Parenthood is using the U.S. government to force sexualityism on our society and is relying on the sick culture it has created to bludgeon the Catholic Church and religious freedom. The remedy to sexualityism is the culture of life called for by Pope John Paul II. For our part, we must work as if our lives depended on it, and pray unceasingly. We must expose Planned Parenthood's agenda. And we must turn this battle over to Our Lady on a daily basis, and ask her to show us what to do. Visit our website today to learn more about how to banish Planned Parenthood from your community.