Planned Parenthood bypassing parents and school boards by texting kids

Judie Brown
By Rita Diller
April 12, 2012
Reproduced with Permission

Calling America "one of the most backward Western developed countries," as far as access to "sexual and reproductive health care," Cecile Richards recently played Pied Piper to students at Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. She met with over 300 Princeton students over a 2-day period - one-on-one and in small groups - where she spoke, ostensibly, on "Keeping Politics out of Women's Health."

In reality, her talk revolved around the importance of technology in bypassing parents, school boards, and legislators to influence children. She admits that there is a social stigma to seeking Planned Parenthood's wares, and she is looking to the use of digital technology as the ultimate solution to reaching "kids" without having to deal with those barriers. She noted that Planned Parenthood attracted four million contacts in one month via the Internet, while it sees in person three million customers in an entire year. She estimates that, in 2012, the abortion giant will have contact with 40 million people online and that half of those will access Planned Parenthood via cell phones. She specifically alluded to the reliance of "kids" on their cell phones. "It is absolutely transformational to begin to provide access to them through their cell phones," she stated.

In short, Richards says, teens are looking for information that they don't want to seek from their parents. To that end, she claims that Planned Parenthood employees have communicated via texting with over 65,000 young people over the past year. PP is exploiting the opportunity to reach children under their parents' radar by using social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Via advertising and media outlets such as MTV, teens are made aware of the availability of texting Planned Parenthood. In fact, in answer to a question about what area she would like the most to expand, Richards very quickly pegged text and chat areas.

Planned Parenthood has long insisted that its client base is made up mostly of college-aged students, but Richards showed her hand when she emphasized the importance of targeting kids via their cell phones - a method that easily reaches around parents and others who would likely protect them from Planned Parenthood's filth.

Saying that her first experience with Planned Parenthood was as a college student when she "needed" birth control, Richards caters to young women's sense of justice unserved. According to Richards, PP's founder, Margaret Sanger, started Planned Parenthood because her own dear mother's body "literally wore out from having so many pregnancies," causing her death at the age of 50. Richards didn't mention Sanger's unquenchable desire for sex with multiple partners, without the consequence of pregnancy and childbirth.

She also took every opportunity to disparage Texas, the state of her birth, as it has, much to her disdain, been so successful at fighting and defunding Planned Parenthood.

Trying to sway public opinion, Richards claimed that the controversy over defunding Planned Parenthood has given it superiority over Congress, citing a Planned Parenthood commissioned poll that says 69 percent of Americans now support Planned Parenthood while only 10 percent support Congress. She failed to mention that it was a Planned Parenthood poll. Oh, yes, she also failed to mention the poll results released by the Public Religion Research Institute at about the same time found that a majority of Catholics oppose the contraception mandate.

Richards then reverted to the myth that Planned Parenthood will be the "only doctor visit" many women will get all year. She fails, as usual, to mention that there are no doctors on staff at Planned Parenthood other than the abortionists who come in to kill preborn babies.

Cecile Richards scheduled two full days to influence students at Princeton, encouraging them to go to work in the public health field. Are we, as concerned parents and grandparents, scheduling time to get on campus and articulate the arguments against Planned Parenthood? It is imperative that we do so. Planned Parenthood's recruiting efforts are focused on college campuses. Unless students hear the credible arguments against Planned Parenthood, they are likely to become the next generation of Planned Parenthood water bearers.

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