An Attack on Women? The Tangled Web of Lies!

Judie Brown
April 10, 2012
Reproduced with Permission

In the wake of the skewed media coverage regarding how and why birth control is somehow the panacea for all females - even though quite the opposite is true - it is perhaps time to reflect on the facts about the most dangerous recreational drug known to man: the birth control pill. Some years ago Paul Hayes, M.D. wrote an analysis that discussed the reasons why women should not take the pill for medical reasons and the dangers posed to women who ingest these chemicals.

Today in 2012, with the inextricable connections between Obamacare and so-called women's rights to "piller" their bodies to death, it's time to focus on what is indeed the real war on women.

Since the facts about these drugs are unilaterally ignored by most of the mainstream media, it is time to remind Americans once again that the birth control pill can and does take the lives of preborn children and can and does harm the women who ingest these pills.

According to Hayes, if the woman in question is prescribed the pill for medical reasons, she has to understand that if she is not sexually active, "there would be no [moral] wrong committed" because "it is the contraceptive [and abortifacient] effect of these medications that are not permitted, not the drugs that are in them."

But it is the medical facts that should be shared with every woman regardless of her age. Hayes writes:

Most modern, low-dose birth control pills are simply a combination of artificial estrogens and artificial progesterones. They are very high POTENCY compared to the natural ones, however, primarily to make them active even after digestion in the stomach. This high degree of potency (as well as their being not exactly like what the body produces) is what gives them all of their side effects and dangerous complications. Nearly ALL women will suffer some degree of these effects whether or not a woman actually experiences any symptoms. The action of these hormones in the pill are threefold:

* They stop normal functioning of the pituitary gland in the brain, thereby interfering with the release of an egg

* They interfere with normal functioning of a woman's cervix (the opening of the uterus or womb)

* [They interfere] with the normal lining of the uterus, making it very thin, keeping a baby from implanting. [The baby dies as a result.]

It is easy to see then that the birth control pill does not "regulate" anything in a woman's cycle. These hormones only superimpose a "drugged" state of a woman's body that has certain effects, chief among these being to stop a woman from getting pregnant (by any means, even stopping a baby already conceived from being received into his/her first home - his/her mother's uterus).

This "drugged" or altered state of a woman's reproductive cycle does have certain effects that appear desirable, in spite of the risks of major complications and side effects. [However] . . . for women with very painful periods, since the birth control pill decreases the amount of uterine lining she develops in any given cycle, the smooth muscles of the uterus contract less at the time of menstruation, thereby reducing the pain from a "normal" cycle.

The risks of major complications and major side effects from the pill are well documented and include stroke, altered memory, deep vein thrombosis, inflammatory bowel disease, and cervical cancer, to name a few. Furthermore, the pill does not protect from sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS.

And if that is not proof enough, reading a list of the women who have died while using the pill should give anyone- man or woman- pause to consider just who is waging this war on women. President Barack Obama's assertion that those who oppose his mandate are waging a "war on women" is a ruse. If Obama really gave a fig about a woman's right to know, he would focus on facts rather than parroting Planned Parenthood's drivel. The rhetorical subterfuge of equating birth control use with reproductive freedom is nothing but an invitation to women to become enslaved to drugs that maim and kill.

And that's no lie.