Pro-Life Warriors in Waco, Texas

Judie Brown
By Leslie Tignor
April 9, 2012
Reproduced with Permission

John Pisciotta and the crew at Pro-Life Waco are busy pro-life warriors! On the first Sunday of each month, for one hour in the afternoon, the group sponsors a monthly Life Chain at the intersection of Valley Mills and Waco Drives. Members gather in a parking lot, distribute signs and, with the help of "Carolyn" the pro-life truck, make a strong statement that abortion and the promotion of promiscuity are not accepted in their community.

On the first Monday evening of each month, the group follows with a video night at the West Waco Public Library. For the past two months, the group has viewed Maafa 21, the documentary which demonstrates how contraception, abortion, and sterilization have been used to the detriment of the African-American community.

Every year in July, Pro-Life Waco works tirelessly to educate the community on the sordid nature of Planned Parenthood Waco's teen sex indoctrination program entitled "Nobody's Fool." And each fall, Pro-Life Waco sponsors a booth at the Heart of Texas fair where minds, hearts, and souls are changed through educational outreach. Pro-Life Waco also joins with members of several local churches to participate in local 40 Days for Life campaigns.

More importantly, each Monday morning from nine to noon, which is so-called ultrasound "counseling" time and the hours for surgical abortion at the Waco Planned Parenthood abortion facility on Ross Avenue, members of Pro-Life Waco stand, pray, and witness to help divert women from their tragic appointments.

John and his colleagues keep a close eye on what Planned Parenthood Waco is up to and whom it is collaborating with in the culture of death. John is adamant about reminding pro-lifers that knowing the enemy and its tactics is the best method of countering the evil. John points to a recent Planned Parenthood Waco newsletter as an example of how the leadership at PP frames its arguments to shore up its sagging public image, especially since the Waco clinic is now controlled by the Planned Parenthood in Austin. The newsletter includes a very small article about the shift of abortions from the Columbus Avenue facility (now closed) to the lone remaining facility on Ross Avenue. The article states that Planned Parenthood has remodeled its administrative offices "to accommodate a beautiful new surgical suite." Try as Planned Parenthood may to downplay the killing of the unborn, we all know the awful purpose of this "beautiful surgical suite."

Last week Pro-Life Waco was visited by staff of American Life League: Rey Flores, the new ALL director of outreach and Rita Diller, national director of the Stop Planned Parenthood International project. In conjunction with the visit, Pro-Life Waco launched its challenge against the Komen Foundation in Waco and its grant relationship with Planned Parenthood Waco.

A new billboard message challenging Komen is displayed at Franklin Avenue and 16th St. This was followed with a half-page ad in the Waco Tribune Herald. You can preview the billboard and the newspaper ad. The billboard and the ad call for communications with one specific request to Komen: No more grants to Planned Parenthood Waco after the current year.

While Rey and Rita visited, John and the other members of Pro-Life Waco signed up to be cosponsors of ALL's annual Pill Kills event. This year's message, the Pill Kills Women and Babies, will be boldly shared throughout the country on Saturday, June 2.

As we enter this joyful Easter season, let us keep our Associate groups and all pro-life warriors in our thoughts and prayers. Pray that the Holy Spirit may refresh their confidence, strengthen their resolve, and keep them steadfast in their fight against the culture of death.