'The Depths of Haughty Disdain' Starring Barack Obama

Judie Brown
March 28, 2012
Reproduced with Permission

It seems to me that since Barack Obama is the star of a 17-minute puff-piece about his presidency - entitled The Road We've Traveled, and narrated by Tom Hanks - it is high time another documentary was produced exposing the downside of this president's power grab.

If I were a movie producer, it would be my pleasure to begin production of a film focused on the arrogant attitudes that seem to play an enormous part in President Obama's recent actions. This film would highlight the president's flagrant efforts to trample religious liberty, compromise consciences, and pollute the environment of college campuses from one end of America to the other.

The Road is receiving rave reviews from many in the mainstream media, yet these reporters are not telling the truth about just how far the administration has gone in its efforts to mandate birth control chemicals, devices, and practices, not only at the expense of religious freedom, but at the expense of our children's health and well-being. To many of us who put our faith in God instead of men with feet of clay, the latest reports about the Obama mandate on college campuses are not all that surprising. After all, when a president is publicly marketing the Planned Parenthood menu of toxic decadence through his actions, there is probably nothing that should shock any of us.

Yet, not all media are touting this film. The Washington Post defined the depiction of Obama's mother's cancer treatment in The Road We've Traveled as a misrepresentation of the facts. According to the article's author, "[T]hey arranged the quotes and images to leave a misleading impression of what really happened." The film got THREE PINOCCHIOS!

This past Friday, March 16, the White House published a 32-page proposal that "will extend a mandate, already in place in Obamacare, to require universities, including religious universities, to provide contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs to their students, as well as their employees, free of charge."

Some have reported that this latest news is actually "conciliatory" in tone, but I have to question how much Kool-Aid these folks are drinking. What business is it of the government to mandate the provision of recreational drugs masquerading as reproductive health services? Why can't those who choose promiscuity have to fund their own experiences? Since when are we all supposed to help subsidize the demoralization of our children, our neighbors, and our nation?

While these are yet unanswered questions, the real problem with all of this is that our Bill of Rights is supposed to protect us from the strong-arm maneuvers of a man who clearly disregards not only the religiously faithful American, but God Himself - and it is not yet doing so. A Heritage Foundation analyst put it this way, "Religious groups are faced with an untenable choice: violate conscience or drop coverage and face penalties for doing so. That's why so many Americans - men and women alike - are speaking out against the anti-conscience mandate and its fine on faith."

Southern Baptist Convention's Richard Land adds his voice, pithily pointing out that this entire debate is not about "pelvic politics" but rather our "God-given right of freedom of faith and conscience."

Our nation was founded to defend and protect its citizens from harm - and we willingly agree to that! However we do not agree with, nor will we succumb to, an oppressive mandate that requires us to fund the corruption of our children or the government-sanctioned destruction of respect for religious liberty.

We wonder how The Depths of Haughty Disdain would fare should anyone be courageous enough to produce it. We may never know the answer, but we do know we will fight Obama tooth and nail to protect our faith, our consciences, and our right to refuse to finance the demoralization of America.

There would be no Pinocchio's given out for this film. And that's a fact.