Safety in a Morally Corrupt Environment

Judie Brown
January 27, 2012
Reproduced with Permission

My daughter, mother of six boys, recently said to me, "It is so hard to keep our kids safe these days, whether we are at a playground or shopping." I commiserated with her on this point and reflected on the fact that we were never confronted with so many threats to safety when our children were toddlers. Times have changed.

But my daughter's concerns pale in comparison to what the headlines have been telling us lately about the safety of children - preborn children, that is. Columbia University researchers announced the same day as the 39th annual March for Life, that "women were about 14 times more likely to die during or after giving birth to a live baby than to die from complications of an abortion."

Similar claims have been made by the abortion industry and its followers in the mainstream media for nearly 40 years now. The oldest story is the 1973 statement by United States Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun, claiming that the safety of abortion was among the reasons that women should have a right to abortion. To this very day, abortion marketers like NARAL Pro-Choice America continue to repeat the claim.

But is abortion really safer than childbirth? Let's start by pointing out that an abortion is never safe for the innocent preborn child who always dies a violent death. Further, as numerous doctors have stated over the years, there is never a need to abort a child, not even with the alleged argument that the life of the mother is at stake. More than 480 physicians declared they "agree that there is never a situation in the law or in the ethical practice of medicine where a preborn child's life need be intentionally destroyed by procured abortion for the purpose of saving the life of the mother. A physician must do everything possible to save the lives of both of his patients, mother and child. He must never intend the death of either."

In fact, just this week when the headlines once again repeated the inane claim that abortion is safer than childbirth, Mary Davenport, M.D., president of the American Association of Pro-Life OB/GYNs, told the media that a long-term examination of the serious and deadly effects of abortion on expectant mothers who abort their children reveals the truth - there is a much higher rate of risk-taking behaviors, including suicide attempts and substance abuse, not to mention death from botched abortion. These deaths are recorded on something called the Blackmun Wall, which is a listing of the women killed by legal abortions.

In other words, abortion is never safe for the innocent child and is risky unto death for the mother herself.

Numbers are inanimate and easily manipulated; human beings on the other hand have intrinsic human rights and are members of the human family. They are individuals, which is why those who have a stake in the abortion industry cannot for a moment admit to the fact that the business they have built results in the death of millions.

Horatio Storer, an obstetrician who spoke out against abortion in 1859, helped issue a statement on "criminal abortion." He encouraged the American Medical Association to "publicly express its abhorrence of the unnatural and now rapidly increasing crime of abortion; that it avow its true nature, as no simple offence against public morality and decency, no mere misdemeanor, no attempt upon the life of the mother, but the wanton and murderous destruction of her child."

Abortion was a crime at that time; today it is considered a right. Physicians and others line their pockets with the blood money they collect from performing abortions, helping women kill their own children with chemicals, silently taking the lives of embryonic children in laboratories, and worse. They perpetrate these dastardly deeds with the full protection of the law, and thus it surprises no one that these same individuals and their political defenders would persist in lying to the public about the alleged safety of their craft.

Worst yet, America's morally corrupt environment welcomes this prevarication, perpetuates it, ignores the suffering of mothers who have aborted their children, and has no problem being accomplices to abortion-murders.

Tragic, is it not, that it has become commonplace to reject intrinsic human rights in deference to personal sexual satisfaction?