The Pill: Demanding Honesty Leads to Justice

Judie Brown
October 25, 2011
Reproduced with Permission

The fascinating thing about anonymous blog posts is that they frequently provide profound insight while protecting the anonymity of the writer. In the case of the "Bad Catholic" who wrote about the "Ten Reasons the Pill Sucks," a virtual catechism of factual evidence was presented by a person who clearly has a bone to pick with those who propagate falsehood while denying they are doing so.

First among the "ten reasons" is the indisputable fact that women who are on the pill have a far greater risk of having breast cancer. This is a clinically proven fact that has been frequently denied by those in the feminist movement and the medical community - including the government-controlled National Cancer Institute.

These disputations from pill proponents are all about the money and the power available to anyone who is willing to place women in the same category as guinea pigs. After all, the birth control pill is not a treatment for an illness but rather a recreational drug designed to free one up to be promiscuous. There is no doubt about this in any quarter, regardless of the pill's popularity.

"Bad Catholic" goes on to address the sociological reasons why the pill is not only not good for women, but a deterrent to a happy, balanced love life. For example, based solely on statistics the writer opines, "I'm making a hypothesis: That the rise of contraceptive use in the late sixties/early seventies contributed to the similar rise in the divorce rate at the same time, and that the maintenance of our contraceptive culture aids to the maintenance of that incredibly high divorce rate." This is not only logical but can be empirically proven by any statistician worth his salt.

It is always encouraging to find someone who is willing to admit the truth about the birth control pill which is, among other things, deadly to the children who are conceived during so-called protected intercourse. This is why, among the ten reasons listed about why "the pill sucks," I found the most revealing to be the author's factual admission that the birth control pill does in fact destroy the life of a preborn child during his first week of life - the time prior to implantation in his mother's womb. Having this kind of clinical evidence made known through a vehicle like "Bad Catholic's" blog warms my heart - even though among the hundreds of comments on the site, there are many who accuse the author of being ignorant. Too bad none of the naysayers has a single fact to back them up. But then again, what else is new?

In view of these facts it is immediately stunning to me that there are pro-life spokespeople working for the passage of personhood state constitutional amendments who are, at the same time, denying that the birth control pill causes abortion. If such people are serious about protecting the human rights of every individual prior to birth they would be honest about the birth control pill and its illegitimacy in a society that recognizes human personhood and protects it.

While it is true that an amendment to a state constitution would not immediately make the abortive pill illegal, it is also true that, because that pill can kill, it would have to be defined as an illegal substance once the state constitution is amended and subsequent laws pertinent to outlawing killing prior to birth are put in place.

Let's face it: Where there is no full disclosure about whose human rights are at stake, there can be no progress toward justice for all. Whether you are a woman who has been duped into believing the pill is without consequence or a preborn baby who is not yet implanted in your mother's womb, the only thing that will right the wrongs perpetrated by birth control pill proponents and their wares is truth. Whether those who are misleading the public are allegedly for or against abortion is irrelevant; deconstructing the truth has no place in a just society.