Planned Parenthood's Construction Job

Judie Brown
August 30, 2011
Reproduced with Permission

The headlines are teeming with the news that in one state after another, Planned Parenthood is falling prey to common sense. In Arizona the world-famous preborn-baby-killing company has had to stop aborting babies in three of its facilities. According to news reports, "[W]omen will no longer be able to terminate their pregnancies at the Planned Parenthood clinics in Prescott Valley, Flagstaff and Yuma that offered abortion through medication. Women can still receive surgical and medication abortions in the Tucson and Phoenix areas, but those services will cease at some suburban locations."

Arizona law requires that women who are seeking an abortion must see a doctor in person the day before the preborn baby is killed. In the three locations where medical abortion was ended, nurse practitioners, not doctors, were providing the chemicals. Planned Parenthood fought the ruling and lost. But the surgical and medical aborting of children will continue to occur in other locations where a doctor is on staff.

In Sherman, Texas, a Planned Parenthood facility shut its doors because, according to the press, not enough patients were entering the facility to support the business. But as Stop Planned Parenthood International's Wednesday STOPP Report explains, the real reason for the shutdown is seven years of consistent prayer, petitions, and hard work by Texoma Pro-Life Association.

Planned Parenthood facilities throughout the country are also closing down due to funding cuts - 79.8 million to be exact. And nobody here is shedding a tear. But we realize that the battle is far from finished. The reasons for this are many, but fundamentally the problem is the sprawl effect. The Planned Parenthood construction job that must be shut down has affected classrooms, libraries, the medical profession, and so much more. Its tentacles are everywhere, yet the federal government remains its largest supporter. We must realize that the entire structure of government support for Planned Parenthood's efforts to brainwash our children in matters of human sexuality, to build its birth control business, and to hijack public health policy took years to build. Planned Parenthood patiently constructed its empire by placing one piece after another until it achieved the goal of being firmly ensconced in positions of power within the government.

As we have reported on a number of occasions, the goal of Planned Parenthood's construction job is to ultimately redefine the human person in terms of human reproductive rights. This means convincing the public that sexual relations are all about freedom to do anything, anytime, anywhere, and without accepting responsibility for one's actions. In Planned Parenthood's toolbox we find deception, denial, and debauched methodology. But the organization did not accomplish this alone.

The cornerstone of the massive architectural nightmare Planned Parenthood has erected is government support. From its beginnings its top level executives worked hard to convince politicians of the need to fund its programs. As early as 1969 people like Richard M. Nixon and George H. W. Bush were convinced that whatever Planned Parenthood wanted was good for America. In fact, in 1969, then-United States Senator George H. W. Bush, said, "We need to make population and family planning household words. . . . We need to take sensationalism out of this topic so that it can no longer be used by militants who have no real knowledge of the voluntary nature of the program but, rather are using it as a political steppingstone. If family planning is anything, it is a public health matter."

While you and I cannot imagine a single reason why the provision of birth control would somehow be good for the public at large, those in positions of power fell for the lie - hook, line, and sinker.

Today Planned Parenthood continues putting the pressure on for more money to further its unworthy cause, but pro-life Americans are having an impact. Our hope is that one day soon the wrecking ball of truth will take out the last vestiges of Planned Parenthood's monument to carnality.

You can help effect that long-awaited action. Here is what you can do: