Abortion is always wrong

Judie Brown
August 21, 2008
Reproduced with Permission

The politician's song has been sung so often for so long that it sounds quite logical - and even many fervent pro-lifers believe it. "I'm absolutely against abortion," they insist, "except, of course, in cases of rape and incest." They argue that is it somehow "compassionate" to offer the woman who is the victim of criminal activity the opportunity to eliminate the results of an immoral attack. The ultimate question, however, is "What about the baby?"

In simple terms, two wrongs do not make a right. A second wrong only makes a bad situation worse. Our abhorrence towards rape or incest engenders sympathy for the victim and rightly so. However, our sympathy and concern for the victim should not cloud our judgment on what is right or wrong. Also, the preborn baby equally deserves our sympathy and concern, especially under such challenging circumstances.

In rape or incest, promotion of "therapeutic abortion" is derived from an assumption one could correctly refer to as "murder-as-therapy." However, even if an abortion could provide the assault victim temporary relief, there is no evidence to support the tenet that abortion provides long-term benefits. The mother is victimized twice. Any negative effects - physical, psychological or spiritual - arising from the abortion can only compound pre-existing problems. Also destroyed are the potentially positive benefits that may arise from unselfishly preserving the life of her child. And, of course, one cannot forget the tragedy and injustice of abortion in regard to the preborn child.

We must deal with a tragic situation in an appropriate manner. A negative event should be handled with a positive response. Killing a preborn baby is not and never can be a positive response to any situation. We must be clear as to what is negative in the case of an incest victim becoming pregnant; obviously, the act of incest is what is to be deplored.

In contrast, conception, regardless of the circumstances, is not negative: It is the creation of a new, unique and precious human being. Allowing preborn capital punishment for cases of rape punishes the innocent child more severely than the guilty rapist. An "innocent bystander," if you will, is given a greater sentence than the perpetrator of the crime.

While abortion may seem to some like the best course of action for a mother after being assaulted, there is growing evidence that abortion harms the victim physically, psychologically and spiritually in the long term. Regardless of the father's actions, the mother is still the mother. The baby is still her child. If we were to consider two infants, one conceived through marital intercourse, the other through forcible rape, would we say that one person was "more human" than the other? Of course not. The circumstances of a preborn child's conception should not modify, let alone negate, his or her right to life. In other words, the preborn baby has the right to life, regardless of the circumstances under which he or she was conceived.

To summarize, murder is not a solution, even if the temporarily distraught mother believes it is. Please remember that the next time someone tells you that abortion, in these circumstances, is the right choice. Abortion is never the right choice. It is always a grave evil.